How to Learn Light Language?

In this article, you’ll find answers to:

  • HOW to learn Light Language?
  • WHAT do you learn in the Light Language courses?
  • HOW to USE Light Language in your life?
  • Light Language Activation
  • The Light Language of vocal syllables versus the Light Language from the Curanderos lineage

Light Language grid of 144 shapes

How to learn Light Language

Learning Light Language occurs through sacred initiation and energetic downloads facilitated by a certified teacher from the Curanderos lineage. The teacher doesn’t merely explain the geometric shapes and their properties, but transmit this knowledge directly to your consciousness. During this sacred initiation, participants receive a direct DOWNLOAD of codes into their field of consciousness. These energy downloads occur continuously throughout the Light Language course, every second and every minute.

The Light Language from the Curanderos lineage in Mexico is the language of the sacred geometric shapes. It is the language of the Source, of all that exist in the world, visible and invisible.

The Curanderos lineage has a special way of transmitting this knowledge and the codes into your field of consciousness. All teachers of Light Language in this lineage are certified, qualified and have the ability to teach this sacred knowledge through INITIATION.

Initiation of sacred geometry in the pyramids

This is why the Light Language Courses apply such powerful energy levels. They expand your capacity to contain and hold light frequencies. In these courses, learning occurs not solely on a mental level but across all aspects of your existence. You acquire the skills to utilize these geometric shapes through your thoughts, emotions, words, intentions, and intuition.

Learning Light Language is a profound experience granting you the ability to co-create with the universe. This learning journey stands as a crucial stage in your personal healing and transformation. Acquiring knowledge of these geometric shapes through your aura enhances your comprehension of their properties and energy.

Light Language pyramids

What do you learn in the Light Language courses?

In these sacred courses you will learn two ways of using Light Language:

  1. Grids
  2. Projections / Emanations


You learn how to create grids with the geometric shapes and activate them in your field of consciousness. These grids work with you 24/7, day and night, to transform your vibration into what you have asked for.

There are 3 main levels in the Light Language courses where you learn how to create the grids. With each level, you will develop your ability to create different types of grids that serve different purposes.

The different grids in Light Language

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Level 1

At level 1, you learn to create a grid of 7 shapes and colors that correspond to your main 7 chakra system. This type of grid helps you change your vibration in each of your 7 main chakras, thereby solving issues that you are carrying within. The grid of 7 geometric shapes transforms your vibration at the fundamental level of your existence.

With the 7-shape grid, you activate new information using geometric symbols, translating it into a new vibration within your chakras. The grid matches a specific geometric shape to each one of your chakras, aligning with the energy needed. For instance, to address insecurity in the root chakra, you activate a shape that promotes a sense of security within you, removing blockages and limitations. Similarly, to enhance intimacy in connections, you activate a geometric shape that supports you to grow into profound closeness.

7-shape grid in Light Language

Level 2

At level 2, you learn to create a grid of 49 shapes and colors dedicated to a specific theme. You have the opportunity to transform any topic in your life and take it to the next level. For example: uniting with your soulmate, increasing your income, developing your spiritual abilities, etc. Any issue that requires improvement in your life can be supported by this grid of 49 shapes and colors.

Level 2 offers the advantage of activating multiple 49-shape grids simultaneously within your aura. It facilitate significant progress in various areas of life, for instance: relationships, finances, career, and self-confidence. These processes interconnect, fostering a comprehensive transformation of the Self. Level 2 represents a substantial leap forward in your journey.

49-shape grid in Light Language Level 2

Level 3

At level 3, you learn to create a grid of 144 shapes and colors that brings you to a level of expertise in the chosen topic. This grid works with you continuously until you have integrated the light frequencies and completed the transformation to the root. By learning to create a grid of 144 geometric shapes, your skills develop and you become more expert at co-creating realities. You also increase your power to manifesting goals and dreams.

The 144-shape grid operates intricately, illuminating the dark corners, polishing the rough edges within you, and guiding you toward profound clarity and mastery. Its continuous interaction with your energetic field ensures a comprehensive transformation, integrating new light frequencies. At this level, you refine your skills in energy shifting and amplify your ability to co-create realities.

144-shape grid in Light Language level 3

Projections / Emanations

You also learn how to project the geometric codes through your consciousness field and change the vibration. These projections serve to change a vibration at a particular moment, to transform a situation in the short term. These projections are very effective and provide a short, immediate and targeted response. They differ from grids, which provide a solution for a longer period of time and sustain a transformation at a deeper level.

A man emanating geometric shapes

Additional Light Language Courses

In addition to the three levels of Light Language, there are advanced courses that will deepen and broaden your creation skills. You can find out more information about each of these courses on their product page. Here are the names:

The geometric codes

How to use Light Language in your life

Light Language is a powerful key to changing vibrations, co-creating with the universe and manifesting goals. Everything you learn in the Light Language courses will serve you for small and big issues in your life.

When a person wants to make a change in his life, the answer is to change the vibration. He needs to be in the same vibration as what he wants, or to get himself out of the vibration he no longer wants in his life.

Light Language gives you the ability to change vibrations.

Here are some examples of the changes you can apply with Light Language:

  • Attracting a new soulmate for couple relationship
  • Engaging in a relationship
  • Ending a toxic relationship
  • Healing a relationship
  • Creating a family
  • Expanding your circle of friends
  • Increasing your social connections
  • Creating opportunities for your work
  • Finding a job that suits your potential
  • Increasing your income and money flow
  • Buying / selling a property
  • Moving to a new place
  • Improving your health
  • Healing a disease
  • Strengthening your self confidence
  • Increasing self-love
  • Reinforcing your communication with your spiritual guides
  • Developing your third-eye abilities
  • Aligning with your Soul & Heart
  • Enhancing your spiritual gifts
  • and much more…

Each topic in your life can be transformed with Light Language. Learn how to use the geometric shapes in grids and co-create with the universe the life of your dreams!

sacred geometry shapes

Light Language Activation

Let’s distinguish between the Light Language used by the curanderos and the Light Language Activation involving the channeling of mystical syllables.

The Light Language of vocal syllables

The Light Language Activation through vocal syllables involves the freestyle use of various codes channeled from a person’s higher self. These codes possess an energetic charge but are not consciously understood by the user or the receiver. The purpose of the channeling is determined by the person performing it, and it can serve various intentions, such as general healing or aligning with one’s soul path.

The Light Language Activation: Every person can channel these mystical syllables without any initiation or course. All you need is alignment with your higher self, maintaining a strong center and a clear mind. It’s necessary to be empty to allow these codes to come through you. In these types of Light Language activations, you must trust yourself and the process and surrender to whatever comes through. Your conscious mind may not logically comprehend these codes, but you can feel their energetic effects.

Connect to all that is

The Light Language from the Curanderos lineage

The Light Language from the Curanderos lineage is founded on grids and emanations of sacred geometric shapes. These shapes represent divine universal codes possessing specific properties and energy. They can be utilized for all purposes, like: the art of creation, healing, transformation, and manifestation. One learns these geometric codes through a special initiation, directly received into their aura from a certified teacher. There can be no doubt or confusion: all participants receive the same downloads and can communicate universally using these geometric symbols. This isn’t freestyle; there are guidelines for the correct usage for the highest good of all. Every participant in the Light Language courses undergoes a sacred initiation, leading to a shared understanding of these codes.

To learn how to create Light Language grids and perform emanations/projections of geometric codes, one must undergo initiation from a certified teacher. The courses are structured in levels, and at each level, you learn to create a specific grid serving various purposes. For instance, in Light Language Level 1, you learn to create a grid of 7 shapes corresponding to your 7 principal chakras. Moving to Level 2, you learn to create a 49-shape grid dedicated to a specific topic. Level 3 elevates you to a higher stage of creation with a 144-shape grid, fostering expertise in a particular subject. Each level provides a guidebook summarizing the principles of your learning. Additionally, there are more advanced Light Language courses available, which can be reviewed on this page: Light Language Courses.

Activation of the Light Language Grids

When learning how to create grids using sacred geometry, you definitely have free inspiration to generate infinite possibilities of grids. This implies that no two grids are alike; each possesses its own unique energy based on its purpose. The activation of these grids occurs within the consciousness field of the individual for whom they were created. There are never two activations of the same grid since personal grids serve only one individual.

Conversely, community grids serve a larger group such as communities or vast populations. These grids are designed to benefit a community, a wider population sharing a common denominator. Activated through the collective consciousness by their creator, community grids serve everyone within that community.

Pyramid of Aztecs in Mexico with geometric shapes

You are invited to discover the Light Language through the Curanderos lineage and delve into the richness of geometric symbols. Learn to generate grids for yourself and others, shifting energies and co-creating with the universe using these magical shapes. Understanding the power of these geometric shapes allows you to create anything in this world. Give yourself the key to unlock the art of creation.

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