Book your initiation to Advanced principles & High magic (Sacred Geometry)

The Advanced principles & High magic is an advanced course in Light Language (Sacred Geometry) that is rousing the energy of your 12 chakras and introduce you to the divine 7 Rays of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters.

The initiation consists of two parts:
1. In the first part of the initiation, you learn to create a personal grid that is aligned with your 12-chakra system. This grid awakens the circulation in your higher energy centers and extending your connection and communication with higher realms and dimensions.
2. In the second part of the initiation, you learn the sacred geometry of the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and the 7 Rays. You learn how to embed this sublime energy in your 49-shapes grids, such powerful and divine grids, to all purposes.

What are the advantages of learning the Advanced principles & High magic?

  • You receive a double initiation in one course: the advanced 12-shapes grid and the geometry for the 7 rays to use in the 49-shapes grids
  • You expand your consciousness and learn how to work with the Archangels and the ascended masters
  • You learn to create luminous advanced 49-shapes grids that has the potent energy of the divine angels and masters
  • You learn the wisdom of each of the 7 rays
  • You learn the attributes of each of the Archangels
  • You learn the attributes of each of the Ascended Masters
  • You create your 49-shape grid for your personal divine Ray!
  • You upgrade your capacity to create magic with the divine!

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