About Naama

Naama Gabbay is a Spiritual Teacher, Empowerment Catalyst, Guiding Awakening Transformations, Mindfulness Coach, Personal Growth Guide, Awakening Leader, Evolution Facilitator, and a gifted expert Shaman.

Naama Gabbay is a certified Light Language Teacher from the Curanderos lineage, offering comprehensive courses at all levels of Light Language. Her teachings are conducted online, accessible to all, and are also available at specific dates at her location in France. Naama has been practicing Light Language since 2013, gaining expertise through daily practice, both for herself and others. Her courses provide all the necessary information and tools to easily and joyfully incorporate Light Language into your daily life.

Through her expertise in Light Language teaching and Shamanic Healing, Naama Gabbay adeptly guides individuals along their transformative journey, connecting them with their inner strengths and authenticity. She tunes them to the unique symphony of their soul, empowering them not only to heal but also to manifest their goals and dreams in life.

Naama’s teaching and healing are characterized by a unique style that combines extensive clinical experience, precise discernment, and a sharp diagnostic ability, coupled with well-developed intuition, knowledge, and expertise from sacred initiations that she carries through all her life incarnations. Her channels are tuned to supreme dimensions and elevated healing frequencies.

Naama Gabbay

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Israel, Naama Gabbay absorbed a wealth of knowledge and heritage from her homeland. Since 2013, her soul’s journey has led her to France, where she continues her personal growth and assists others in thriving.

Naama Gabbay embarked on her educational journey and training within her homeland and across multiple nations globally, including Italy, Portugal, France, and the USA. These diverse experiences significantly contributed to her profound and extensive understanding of humanity and life. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a fervent passion for exploration, Naama traversed the globe, immersing herself in various cultures, expanding her knowledge, and igniting her inspiration. These experiences have profoundly enriched the quality and effectiveness of her Healing Sessions and Teaching.

Naama Gabbay is connected with several sacred lineages of healers and masters, notably the Curanderos lineage from Mexico, currently led by Starr Fuentes. Naama is a teacher in the Curanderos lineage, and trains students all around the world to Light Language, Divine Intervention, and a wide array of Shamanic Healing methods.

Naama Gabbay

Throughout her life, Naama Gabbay learned from brilliant masters, teachers, and healers, accumulating diverse training experiences that significantly shaped her current path. Her wealth of experiential knowledge also stems from assisting numerous births as a Doula and supporting women through pivotal phases in their lives. Naama possesses extensive insights into relationships, femininity, masculinity, and the integration of these energies. Her guidance extends to men, women, couples, and families across various life stages.

Naama Gabbay is also an autodidact, driven by a passion to explore life and delve deeper into the intricate aspects of the human psyche and existence. Her curiosity leads her to explore the fundamental roots of every ‘life story,’ seeking to uncover hidden layers, paradigms, and paradoxes. Her exploration extends into the realms of conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds as part of her journey towards alignment, enlightenment, and self-discovery.

Thanks to her diverse experiences and knowledge, Naama Gabbay possesses a comprehensive understanding of the relations between the human body, mind, spirit, higher self, ego, soul, and the various systems that support our being—such as Chakras, subtle bodies, electromagnetic fields, DNA, Akashic records, soul blueprint, and soul contract.

Naama Gabbay loves her work and approaches it with passion and joy. She embodies a friendly manner, kindness, clear insights, and the ability to listen. Naama Gabbay sees each person in their wholeness and provides what they need for their growth and fulfillment.

Qualifications of Naama Gabbay

  • Light Language Teacher
  • Divine Intervention Teacher
  • Shamanic Healing Teacher, Shaman
  • Shamanic Healer, Shaman
  • Royal Gems Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Lithotherapy – Crystals
  • Jin Shin Acupressure
  • Doula – supporting pregnancy and birth
  • Maternity Preparation Guide

Naama Gabbay speaks three languages: Hebrew, English and French.

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