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Most shamanic events can accommodate a multi-participant event, while some are tailored for smaller groups.

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Topics of the shamanic events

These events can take place online or at location

The lost paradise: women and men in relationships

A healing journey for men, women and their relationships. This course leads each person on his personal journey to understand both attractive and opposing forces between men and women, two poles that at the end of a journey join together in harmonious unity. What is the feminine energy, what is the masculine energy, how do they work together in harmony and wholeness, how to improve relationships, what is the role of man, the role of woman in the cosmic system, how to summon your soulmate, how to return to the lost paradise within us… a mandatory course for every man and woman!

Journey to the Pyramids

A magnificent astral journey to different pyramids in the world, while receiving sacred initiation in a specific pyramid. Additional to the elevating journey, you will learn to create your own special pyramid to support a particular theme in your life, and accord your pyramid with a leading frequency, which supports the manifestation.

The Merkaba

Discovering the power and magic of our light vehicle: the Merkaba. The first step of activating your Merkaba and making a journey to other dimensions, guided by Naama, through the enormous frequencies of Light Language. During the event, Naama transmits light coding to illuminate your Merkaba, and give you an extraordinary experience of its vibrations in your energetic field.

Revitalize your Subtle Bodies

Discovering about the subtle bodies that compose your Aura, and vitalizing each one of your bodies in a particular way, over a shamanic journey guided by Naama. A fabulous event that lifts up your energy, and revives your power, your being, your presence. Opening your awareness to all your subtle bodies, and by that, understanding better who you are, and how you function in this dimension.

Wisdom of Heart, Wisdom of Soul

A journey to brighten your heart for communicating with your soul. The Heart as a sacred portal to know your soul, and to hear her special melody… This event infuses new life through your heart into your whole being, and aligns you with the path of your soul. When having one unit, one vibration of heart & soul, you can evolve in your path, finding true happiness, and knowing your clear direction.

Head and Heart as a unit of Harmony

Learning to unite your two main centers together; Heart and Head, in order to make choices and decisions that are coherent with your soul path. Intellect and logic along with inner-feeling and intuition are a winning combination in making choices and decisions in life. Giving both centers their importance in life, can lead to brilliant choices.

Soul & Breath; a sacred connection by the Hebrew letters

Discovering the deep connection between ‘soul’ and ‘breath’ through the letters of the most ancient and sacred language in the world; Hebrew. This is Naama’s mother tongue, she carries so much knowledge about the wisdom of the letters, and passes these special frequencies at this sacred event.

Perfect Inner Space

Initiation to a luminous sacred space within you, keeping your energy centered and clear. This ‘Perfect Inner Space’ puts you in a stable and firm state, with flexibility, clarity, confidence and security. It helps to maintain clear boundaries between ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’, and to avoid leaking and losing your energy. This shamanic initiation is important for every person, especially those who lose their energy and concentration quickly, feel tired or exhausted, and let other people manipulate them and pump out their energy. A luminous initiation that empowers you in daily life.

The Inner Child

Reaching out for your inner child to thrive your inner joy and to inspire your inner flame. This event is encouraging the connection with your inner child, and an understanding of his needs, so you can live a blissful life as an adult.

The Forgiveness

Softening your heart to forgive yourself and others, breaking the walls that are closing your heart, liberating yourself from stagnation and toxins. Removing heavy burden of bitterness and anger, and walking your path with lightness, liberty and true freedom. This event assist to reconnect with your loved ones, and to be more tolerant and compassionate to others.

Gratitude: your magical stargate

Discovering ‘Gratitude’ in a new way; opening the channels of abundance in all aspects of life. ‘Gratitude’ is a key to understanding some powerful universal laws. In this event you will explore new ways of being in an abundant flow with the universe and all that exists. This event gives you important keys to access a prosper consciousness, with several practical tools.

Releasing Vows

A shamanic journey-ceremony to liberate all sort of restricting vows you took during this life time and past lives. It includes vows that you took consciously or unconsciously, vows that you took voluntarily, vows that you were forced or manipulated to take, vows that you considered to be in your favor, and vows that you wish to cancel and remove from your life. This event helps you to eliminate those barriers / blockages / stagnation in your life, and to open a new path of possibilities and opportunities, reviving a new flow of spirited dynamic energy within you.

These events take place only at a location

These shamanic events are powerful initiations for healing methods, from the Curanderos lineage and the immense knowledge and experience of Naama as a medicine woman. In these events each participant passes his own personal journey of healing, while learning how to use this sacred medicine in daily life. The participants receive the initiation from being present in the Aura field of Naama, and through her clear guidance and teaching.

*Some of the events demand massages tables or mattresses.

Soul Pulling

Bringing back lost parts of your Soul and recovering your consciousness and energetic field. In this event you are initiated to a powerful ancient method, for collecting back parts of your soul that were lost in traumatic events, in this life time and past lives. ‘Soul Pulling’ is strengthening your presence and abilities, and making you feel whole, brighter and lighter.


Loving and accepting yourself as you are, being able to receive and give Love. This healing method is curing the Heart and increasing its capacity to Feel, to receive and to accept yourself, with compassion and tenderness. It removes blockages, barriers, judgement, shame, sadness, pain from the Heart, and opens a new flow of abundance. In this sacred journey you feel embraced by divine love.

The 4 directions of the heart

Healing the Heart by 4 directions: the past, the present/future, left/right (masculine/feminine, Giving /Receiving). The Heart is carrying a charge which us influenced by relationships, events, patterns, beliefs, etc. Clearing the Heart and giving it new vitality and force, can brighten the love within us, and support our relations to all. This event is a pure medicine to all pain we carry in the Heart: physically and emotionally.

Giving & Receiving

Balancing the Giving and Receiving pathways in your life. Whether you give too much and receive too little, or vice versa, these lanes strive to flow equilibrated within you. Having the same potencies of ‘Giving’ and ‘Receiving’ is affecting healthy relations with feminine and masculine, Yin and Yang, active and passive, day and night, and much more… The ‘Giving & Receiving’ Healing is a powerful shamanic initiation to balance these two forces and unite them in harmony within you.


knowing of your true Self and Strengthening your sense of value. This Healing supports you in removing and eliminating beliefs and thought forms that are sabotaging your self-value, and lowering your self-esteem. This shamanic event is exposing your true diamond to the light.

The complete Self

Connecting and uniting all your parts together in one complete Self. This healing links channels that have been interrupted and cut within you and your life, and brings them back in a healthy flow and alignment as one complete unity. This healing is activated through your 12 energetic lines and DNA strands, and creating one complete Self.


Regain your natural authority and confidence to lead your life with courage, strength and potency. This method cultivates your natural sense of authority in order to be the leader of your life. Authority is knowing who I am, having clear boundaries, and being able to communicate it with the exterior surrounding. With self-authority I’m able to declare my needs and wishes clearly, without giving up my Self, and bend to manipulations and desires of others.

The spine; a magical staff

Strengthening the flow of life force in the spine, and stimulating it through the chakras and organs. Establishing proper resourcing and connections between a person, the planet and divinity. A powerful healing that can cure any physical, emotional or mental imbalance. This healing is increasing your life force in all levels.

The Rainbow Heart

Healing, strengthening and stimulating your heart chakra with new energies, while opening streams of light with other chakras. This healing creates a magnificent rainbow flow that sparkles your Heart. It regenerates healthy connections and relations between the Heart chakra and other chakras.

Breath of God

A Healing event. ‘Breath of God’ is an ancient shamanic healing, in which each participant receives a pure divine energy directly from the Source, through one of his seven central chakras. This pure energy brings you to make a huge leap in your path… it is a potential powerful vibration, which effects unfold on the spot and in the long run…

Turn your event into a sparkling diamond in each person's heart

Enjoy the fruits of shamanism and share it with everyone

Tell us what kind of shamanic initiation/ teaching/ healing would you like to receive?