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Generic Terms of Service

Please carefully review these terms of service (“Terms of Service” or “Terms”) before accessing or using the services available on this website (“Website”, “Shamanism & Soul Path”, “Service”) operated by Naama Gabbay (“we,” “us,” or “our”).

Conditions of use

By accessing or using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and reviewed this Agreement, and by doing so, you agree to abide by its terms. Should you disagree or choose not to be bound by the conditions outlined in this Agreement, it is recommended that you refrain from using this website. Access and use of this website, its products, and services provided by Naama Gabbay are solely granted to individuals or groups (collectives) who have expressly accepted these terms.

Intellectual property

You acknowledge and agree that all materials, products, and services provided on this website and by Naama Gabbay, are the exclusive property of Naama Gabbay, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, suppliers, or licensors. This includes all copyrights, articles, images, trade secrets, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights. You further acknowledge and agree that any reproduction or redistribution of Naama Gabbay’s intellectual property, whether in electronic, digital, or through new trademark registrations, is strictly prohibited.

By uploading or publishing content on this website, you grant Naama Gabbay a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to display, use, copy, transmit, and broadcast the provided content. Should any concerns arise regarding intellectual property claims, please contact the company to facilitate resolution and come to an agreement.

User Information

As a user of this website, you may be requested to register with us and furnish private information. You bear the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of this information and maintaining the safety and security of your identifying details.

We retain the exclusive rights to edit or remove content and to cancel orders at our sole discretion.

Applicable Universal laws

Your visit to this website signifies your agreement that these terms and conditions, or any potential dispute between Naama Gabbay and you, or its business partners and associates, shall be governed by universal laws.


Any individual utilizing our services and website is accountable for their personal health, body, life, and possessions. Through the utilization of our services, you explicitly agree that all effects and outcomes are solely your responsibility.

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Our Policy of Services

Light Language Courses

teaching how to use Light Language shapes

Please carefully review these terms of service (“terms of service,” “terms”) before engaging in Light Language Courses (“initiation,” “Light Language classes,” “Light Language courses”) operated by Naama Gabbay (“us,” “we,” “our”).

  1. The Light Language courses are available either individually or in groups, conducted online or at a specific location. Naama reserves the right to determine whether the course will be private or group-based and to modify the number of participants based on what she deems appropriate for the highest benefit of all involved.
  2. The duration of the Light Language course may vary from the initially specified duration and can be extended or shortened according to the learning process and participants’ rhythms.
  3. It’s your responsibility to be punctual and prepared for the course on the scheduled day and time, whether it’s online or at a designated location.
  4. Ensure you have all the materials necessary for the Light Language course, as provided via email, and follow the instructions for printing, essential for your study.
  5. In case of unavoidable circumstances preventing attendance at the scheduled Light Language course, you may reschedule for another date. This option is available once only; multiple rescheduling are not permitted.
  6. Requests to reschedule or set a new date for the Light Language course must be communicated through an email addressed to Naama Gabbay. The request should be coordinated in accordance with Naama Gabbay’s schedule.
  7. Postponement or rescheduling requests should be made at least a week in advance (7 full days). You may select an alternative date from those published on the website under the “Light Language Courses” page. Requests made less than a week before the scheduled course start date will result in full payment.
  8. Cancellation of your participation in the course, for any reason, results in forfeiture of your entitlement to receive the Light Language initiation by the Curanderos dynasty through Naama Gabbay, and no refunds will be issued.
  9. Naama Gabbay reserves the right to modify, update, postpone, or cancel Light Language course(s) with prior or short notice.
    In the event of course postponement, rescheduling, or cancellation by Naama Gabbay, participants are entitled to a full refund or the option to schedule the course for a new date.
  10. All materials presented and shared during the Light Language course are private and strictly prohibited from being transferred, shared, distributed, or printed. The participant who has enrolled and paid for the Light Language course and its materials is the sole authorized user. No participant retains the right to disseminate the course materials or the knowledge imparted in any form or manner.
  11. Participants enrolled in Light Language courses are permitted to utilize these materials for personal use or to offer services to others (such as creating grids or energetically emanating Light Language shapes) without infringing upon copyrights.

Light Language Grids

Light Language grid with 144 geometric shapes

Please review these terms of service (“terms of service,” “terms”) attentively before engaging in Light Language Grids (“Grid,” “Grids,” “Light Language Grids,” “personal grid,” “community grid,” “community Light Language grid”) operated by Naama Gabbay (“us,” “we,” “our”).

  1. Light Language Grids are individually created by Naama Gabbay upon personal request. These Light Language Grids are designed for either a private individual or a community based on pre-agreed specifications.
  2. Each personal Light Language grid is tailored for a specific individual, serving their highest good.
  3. Naama Gabbay creates the grids using proprietary software, with all rights reserved. Upon activating the grid within the client’s energetic field, Naama sends the visual grid version via email.
  4. The preparation and activation of the grid do not require your physical presence but solely depend on your consent to receive it. Your agreement to receive the grid is implicit upon payment for the product and service.
  5. The grids are personal and non-transferrable. You have the right to print the grid for your personal use only; commercial use of the grid is prohibited.
  6. Payment for the Light Language grid signifies your consent for its creation and activation within your energetic field (Aura).
  7. Requests for community Light Language grids can be initiated by an individual without the explicit approval or consent of a community or group. These community grids always serve the highest good of all. Distribution of the community Light Language grid is permissible without financial gain, charges, or commercial purposes.
  8. Naama retains all legal rights for the Community Grids she creates. As the sole recipient entitled to payment for these Light Language grids, she possesses the authority to determine their commercial or business utilization.
  9. Your request for a Light Language Grid is considered complete only upon payment.
  10. There will be no refund for payments made for the Light Language Grid(s).
  11. Cancellation of your request for the grid signifies your waiver of the right to receive the healing benefits of a Light Language Grid, and no refunds will be provided for the payment.

Shamanic Events

Shamanic events

Please review these terms of service (“terms of service,” “terms”) attentively before engaging in Shamanic Events (“event(s),” “retreat(s),” “online event(s)”) operated by Naama Gabbay (“us,” “we,” “our”).

  1. Shamanic events are intended for one-time participation online or at a specified location, ranging from single-day sessions to multi-day retreats. Your registration for a shamanic event is considered complete only upon payment.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure your presence and readiness for the event on the scheduled day and time, whether it takes place online or at a specific location.
  3. Missing the shamanic event for any reason, regardless of physical or online attendance, forfeits your place at the event. There will be no compensation, rescheduling, or substitution for another event.
  4. There will be no refunds for cancellations of your participation in Shamanic Event(s).
  5. Naama Gabbay reserves the right to modify, update, postpone dates, or cancel Shamanic Event(s) with prior or short notice.
  6. In the event of postponement, rescheduling, or cancellation of the Shamanic Event by Naama Gabbay, participants are entitled to a full refund or the option to receive a new date for the event.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing by Naama Gabbay

Please carefully review these terms of service (“terms of service,” “terms”) before engaging in Shamanic Healing services (“sessions,” “treatment,” “appointment,” “meeting”) operated by Naama Gabbay (“us,” “we,” “our”).

  1. The majority of shamanic sessions are conducted via ‘online visual communication’ or, if feasible, at Naama’s private clinic.
  2. Payment for sessions denotes your consent to receive shamanic healing services from Naama Gabbay.
  3. Upon payment, the dates for online shamanic meetings will be scheduled, and you’ll receive all necessary information via email.
  4. Your punctual attendance at the appointed day and time, along with ensuring a stable WIFI and online connection, is your responsibility.
  5. Any delays on your part for the session are solely your responsibility, and no compensation will be provided for such delays.
  6. ‘Cancellation of session(s)’ indicates a waiver of your right to receive the healing, and no refund will be issued.
  7. There is no refund for sessions. Should you change your mind, regret the purchase, or opt out of the service, it signifies a waiver of your rights, and no refund will be processed for the payment made.
  8. For your convenience, it’s possible to reschedule a planned session to another date without additional charges if the request is made at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. Cancelling or rescheduling the shamanic session within less than 24 hours of the appointed time will incur a charge equivalent to the full price of the appointment.
  9. To cancel or reschedule a session, please notify Naama Gabbay via written message through email (accessible on this website under the “Contact Us” page).
  10. A single session or a ‘series’ of shamanic sessions purchased for an individual is intended for their exclusive use. It’s not feasible to transfer the purchase rights to another person or divide the series among multiple individuals. The sessions are intended solely for the individual for whom they were purchased.
  11. A series of sessions progress at the pace of one treatment per week, creating a healing wave where the interval between sessions holds significant importance. The rhythm of ‘one session per week’ optimizes the healing process. Therefore, maintaining longer intervals between sessions (more than 7-8 days) is not recommended as it may diminish the efficiency of the process and weaken the results.