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Light Language, Sacred Geometry

Light Language is the universal language based on sacred geometry. Everything in our world is composed of geometric shapes, from the visible plane to the invisible energy, without exception. You name it – it has a geometric shape; everything possesses a structure rooted in geometric forms. Here are a few examples: the physical body (from big organs to the very microscopic cells), plants, trees, flowers, water, wind, thoughts, words, dreams, intentions, emotions, laughter, tears, and more.

Light Language serves as the fundamental, primary, and original mode of communication among all consciousness fields, spanning the lower and upper worlds.

It acts as the connective thread between diverse consciousness fields—human beings, nature, plants, animals, stars, angels, spiritual guides, planet Earth, galaxies, thoughts, words, feelings, and more. Whether we are aware of it or not, Light Language facilitates communication, connection, and unity among all that exists.

Light Language, Sacred Geometry

Light Language, the original unspoken language, transcends all verbal languages. Unlike spoken languages that limit expression and creation, Light Language operates through infinite geometric shapes, evading restrictions of perspective and viewpoint manipulation. These sacred shapes embody a comprehensive life perspective, offering boundless avenues for expression and creation through the mind, soul and spirit.

Through Light Language, you can facilitate healing, transformation, manifestation, and the fulfillment of goals and dreams. Light Language serves as the key to all creations in the universe.

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What is Light Language?

sacred geometry and geometric symbols

Light Language Grids

The Light Language Grid is a chart of different combinations of geometric shapes and colors that induce an energetic shift. When activated within your energy field, it fosters a transformation in your consciousness and, consequently, in your reality.

These grids generate an inner change within your thought forms, beliefs, perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors, thereby influencing your external reality. In order to manifest change, you need to align your vibration with your desired outcome, according to the universal law of Attraction. The Light Language grids assist you in this process and simply put you in the correct vibration. The grids are activated within your energy field and work with you until you resonate with the desired vibration. As you resonate with the vibration of your goal, manifestation occurs, bringing corresponding energy into your reality.

The Light Language grids support healing and transformation by harnessing specific light frequencies. The geometric shapes within the grids serves you in fostering new insights, ideas, and inspiration for your intended creation. They aid in cleansing limiting thought forms, beliefs, and patterns, allowing transition into a new reality. Sacred geometry also helps release addictions, habits, and toxic behaviors that hinder your desires.

Light Language Grids create a fresh new vibration in your consciousness, which facilitates the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

There are various types of Light Language Grids, each one has a specific purpose:

  • 7-shape grid: Aligned with your seven primary chakras, it removes limitations and brings each chakra the necessary vibration and fluidity.
  • 12-shape grid: Aligned with your advanced 12-system chakras, it removes limitations and brings further expansion and awakening to your superior chakras and energetic field.
  • 49-shape grid: Focuses on a specific topic in your life and brings it to manifestation. This grid propels you one step further in your journey on that specific subject.
  • 144-shape grid: Supports you in gaining expertise in a specific theme in your life and bringing it to full manifestation on all aspects. This grid works on all levels connected with your chosen subject, which is why it is considered a “mastery grid”.
  • Mobius grid: Duplicates, replicates, and amplifies the desired energy in your energetic field, continuously. This grows the energy to the next level each time.
  • Pyramid grid: Activated as a pyramid in your energetic field, it integrates and cultivates frequencies from the 5th dimension. Therefore, your consciousness and awareness benefit from rapid growth with advanced light frequencies. Manifestation becomes multidimensional.

Different grids in Light Language

The different types of Light Language grids

Light Language Grids are a network of geometric forms interconnected to collaborate, creating an energetic wave within your consciousness field. This wave repeats in your energy field until the desired transformation is manifested.

These grids are activated in your energy field in a specific manner, integrated into your consciousness. This integration places the grid within you rather than just being external to you. This internal integration is what makes them work effectively.

One advantage of these grids is their ability to work with you even when you’re not focused on your goal all day long. They pave a path in your consciousness, allowing you to reach the final desired result.

The purpose of a grid is to initiate change from within, so it working on your vibrations. It dissipates vibrations that don’t support your goals by nourishing new frequencies. This provides a fresh perspective on yourself and your situation, allowing you to engage with life from an elevated, divine frequency.

The Light Language grids are efficient divine ‘tools’ that transcend your mental manipulations and emotional barriers. They pave the way for the creation of a new reality from within. Changing the vibration stands as the ultimate path to fulfillment and realization.

Geometric shapes in different grids

Initiations to Light Language

Using Light Language can only bring you forward in your path, encouraging to enjoy the fruits of your elevated consciousness.
Here are the benefits of engaging with Light Language:

  • Universal Communication: Light Language serves as a universal form of communication with the whole existence. It enables clearer expression of your desires through the oneness-consciousness symbols.
  • Inner Transformation: The geometric shapes aid in initiating inner changes, that are leading to external shifts in your reality.
  • Limitless Creation: There are no limitations to what you can create or manifest through the use of Light Language.
  • Vibrational Alignment: To manifest desires, being in the vibrational frequency of your goals is the key. Light Language provides the codes for achieving this alignment.
  • Positive and Harmless: Operating for the highest good, Light Language doesn’t cause harm but rather supports positive transformation.
  • Comprehensive Influence: Light Language grids operate in both visible and invisible realms, encompassing all necessary elements for altering consciousness.
  • Precise Wishes: Using Light Language allows for the precise expression of your desires, with the Universe responding to these requests, ensuring answers are received.
  • Emotional Release: Light Language facilitates emotional release, allowing for the expression and clearing of deeply held emotions and energetic blockages.
  • Enhanced Intuition: Regular use of Light Language often leads to heightened intuition and a deeper connection to one’s inner guidance and higher wisdom.
  • Accelerated Healing: Light Language can expedite the healing process, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, by channeling powerful energetic frequencies.
  • Multidimensional Awareness: Practicing Light Language opens doorways to greater awareness of multidimensional realities, expanding perception beyond the physical realm.
  • Conscious Co-creation: By working with Light Language, individuals can actively participate in conscious co-creation, influencing and shaping their reality in alignment with their intentions and desires.
  • Enhanced Energy Flow: Light Language supports the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body, promoting vitality and a sense of balance within the energetic system.
  • Access to Higher Frequencies: Engaging with Light Language enables individuals to tap into higher vibrational frequencies, accessing information and insights beyond conventional understanding.
  • Alignment with Soul Purpose: Practicing Light Language often assists individuals in aligning with their soul’s purpose, fostering clarity and guidance on their life path.

Pyramid of Aztecs in Mexico with geometric shapes

Light Language grid about money

You can experience the effects of Light Language on your consciousness and external reality by acquiring your own personal grid.

To get started, simply purchase the type of grid you desire. Naama will then reach out to you for an online session. During this meeting, Naama will work with you to define the purpose of your grid, tailoring it to your specific needs.

Light Language grid: connecting with your true soulmate

After this discussion, Naama will create and activate the grid within your energy field. You’ll receive a visual representation of your personal grid via email.

Once activated, the grid initiates movement and progress within you. Throughout the activation period, you can observe and witness the changes taking place.

This interaction with Light Language grids offers a wonderful opportunity to experience its impact from within, fostering desired transformations in your life.

Initiation of sacred geometry in the pyramids

Light Language level 1 course

The path to learning Light Language is simple and accessible to everyone. The learning is organized into structured levels to guide your progress. Each course is accompanied by a booklet, charts, and visual tools to facilitate learning. During the course, you receive clear teachings and energetic downloads so you can become a practitioner of Light Language. At the end of each course, you receive a certification for your accomplishment, enabling you to start practicing Light Language for yourself and offering it as a service to others. This can serve as an additional professional tool with your clients.

Learning levels 1 & 2 in Light Language provide you with significant tools for your manifestations. These two levels give you a variety of options and possibilities to define your desired reality and put yourself in the right vibration. Level 3 is much more advanced, giving you profound tools to become an expert in Light Language.

Level 1 offers you tools to heal and transform through your 7-chakra system. You learn to create a 7-shape grid consisting of 7 geometric forms, which are activated in your chakras to manifest the desired change. This is the best way to cultivate vital, healthy energy in each of your chakras, releasing any limitation and manipulations of words, thought-forms, and patterns. You directly elevate the frequency in each of your 7 chakras.

Moving to Level 2 equips you with tools to effect changes in specific subjects and situations. You learn to create a grid of 49 geometric shapes and formulate a title that precisely describes your desired outcome. Level 2 opens up wonderful possibilities for you to DEFINE what you want to create and ATTRACT into your life. With the 49-shape grids, you can manifest it easily, step by step. For example, you can enhance your self-confidence, increase your prosperity, attract the right partner into your life, find a job that suits you, or develop yourself in your profession. Anything you wish to create is accessible to you with those 49-shape grids.

Starting with levels 1 and 2 gives you a fabulous possibilities on your journey.

Light Language course level 2

Level 3 offers you an incredible opportunity to become an expert in Light Language and to enhance your skills and abilities in creation and manifestation. In Level 3, you will learn over 80 geometric shapes and more than 150 colors from both the visible and invisible spectra. This elevates your creations to the level of artistry. You gain deeper insight into your Divine Self and become a true co-creator with the universe. This level represents mastery, empowering you to delve into subjects from a broad perspective.

Light Language course level 3

Following the completion of these 3 foundational levels, various advanced courses are available for you. Those courses open doors to new realms of creation, honing your skills and elevating your divine ability to co-create.

There are also standalone Light Language courses, offering the chance to use Light Language in diverse options.

Mandala of sacred geometry

Holistic Shamanic sessions with Naama Gabbay

Shamanism is a practice involving interaction with invisible worlds through altered states of consciousness. In this practice, consciousness travels across different dimensions beyond physical existence, time, and space.

Shamanism is a tradition that enables individuals to interact with higher-level frequencies, including spiritual guides, light entities, ascended masters, angels, archangels, and other superior realms.

The purpose of Shamanism is healing, transformation, creation, evolution, and well-being, working for the highest good of all.

Within Shamanism lies access to the underworld, where lower-frequency entities and demons reside. During deep healing, shadows may surface, and a shaman understands how to transform these energies into higher frequencies.

Shamanic practices often include rituals, ceremonies, and techniques aimed at restoring balance, healing illnesses, and addressing spiritual imbalances.

The guiding principle of Shamanism is ‘There is more to it than meets the eye.’ Beyond the physical world and what our eyes perceive, exist spaces, dimensions, frequencies, light beings, and infinite metaphysical planes integral to our existence. Shamanism amalgamates the visible and the invisible, bringing our Being into wholeness and unity.

Shamanic woman generating healing

Holistic shamanic sessions with Naama Gabbay

A shaman is a spiritual lightworker who acts as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual realms. They communicate with higher realms, dimensions, light beings, and divine consciousness for the highest good of all.

A shaman possesses well-developed abilities to heal, restore balance, offer guidance, and resolve spiritual issues affecting individuals or communities. Think of a shaman as a transformer, connected to various energy planes and capable of traversing different worlds to channel potentials required for personal evolution.

Shamans utilize unique healing techniques based on their heritage, spiritual training, and developed gifted abilities. Everything a shaman learns throughout his lifetime contributes to the service he offer others.

Naama Gabbay is associated with diverse spiritual lineages, including the Curanderos lineage from Mexico. Initiations from this lineage have significantly augmented her healing abilities and expertise. Notably, she has undergone initiations in Light Language, Divine Intervention, and an array of Shamanic Healing practices. These practices enable her to serve her clients with dedicated and exceptional care.

Shaman, spiritual lightworker

Shamanic healing with Naama Gabbay

Shamanic Healing encompasses the wholeness of an individual, addressing both visible and unseen aspects. Therefore it gives a complete service to a person, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Unlike modern medicine, which often targets symptoms or illness in specific organs, shamanic healing examines the complete picture. It delves into the root cause of issues, considering all facets of an individual’s existence. Often, a person may not realize the link between their imbalance and its original source, but through Shamanic Healing, they gain insights into deep-seated issues that impede personal growth.

This holistic approach of Shamanic Healing not only aids personal development but also broadens one’s consciousness to new possibilities and opportunities. Engaging in Shamanic Healing initiates a profound personal journey, allowing individuals to discover their true essence.

Shamanic Healing with the symbols of the pyramids and sacred geometry

Holistic shamanic healing sessions with Naama Gabbay

On a technical and practical level:
The shamanic sessions are conducted using platforms that allow open camera meetings. This allows Naama to see you and your energetic field, perceiving all that is necessary for the session.

On an energetic level:
Naama creates a sacred space for healing, projected from her consciousness. This involves dimensions, spiritual guidance, light frequencies, the Akashic records, and other sources of information and energy. Shamanic healing transcends linear time and physical space. It occurs by connecting consciousness fields through sublime worlds and higher dimensions, relying on the shaman’s capacity to guide the process toward transformation.

The shamanic session does not require physical proximity, and its outcomes are not dependent on it. The potency of the healing resides in the shaman’s ability to traverse different states of consciousness, across various dimensions, leading the individual on a profound healing journey.

Shamanic Healing with Naama Gabbay online

Holistic shamanic healing with Naama Gabbay

Shamanic healing addresses your wholeness, making it a profound journey to uncover what limits your growth, sabotages your health, and disrupts your balance. It offers a sacred path for self-discovery, peeling away layers that obscure your light, transforming challenges into opportunities and possibilities.

One of the most significant advantages of shamanic healing is its absence of limitations in your healing journey. There is a solution and an answer to everything, and the only limitations are those imposed by yourself. Therefore, the key lies in identifying what is internally blocking you—this is the power of shamanic healing.

Regardless of the reasons that limit or diminish your life experience, shamanic healing can help uncover answers and shift energy. Whether it’s a physical ailment, emotional pain, obstacles on your path, conflicts, toxic relationships, deep sadness, depression, feelings of failure, addictions, helplessness, fear, or any other cause, shamanic healing can guide you through. If you aspire to achieve your dreams and goals, if you’re eager to elevate your life to the next level, a transformative journey through shamanic healing can provide profound answers.

Shamanic Healing with Naama Gabbay