Frequently Asked Questions

The shaman is a person that communicates with the higher worlds, other dimensions, light beings and the divine consciousness, for the service of all. Through his consciousness he has the ability to create the changes that a person needs.

The shaman has well-developed abilities to create healing, changes and transformation in the consciousness of himself, of other humans, of animals, of plants, and any other consciousness field. His consciousness field has an evolved and extensive ability to connect and resonate with high vibrations of light, in the infinite dimensions and spaces beyond the physical.

Shaman is like a transformer: Connected to all the energy layers / planes, like an electric operator. He knows how to move between the different worlds and convey through him the potentials needed for a person, in order to support the soul evolution.

Everything that a shaman has learned throughout his lifetimes is used for the work and service he gives others.

Shamanism is a state in which consciousness is transmitted through dimensions beyond the physical existence, beyond time and space. A state of consciousness, that has the ability to interact and communicate with spiritual worlds and the infinite dimensions of light, for purpose of healing, transformation, evolving and well-being.

In Shamanism the guiding principle is ‘There is more to it than meets the eye’; Beyond the physical world and what our eyes see, there are spaces / dimensions / frequencies / light beings / angels / and infinite metaphysical planes that perform as an integral part of our existence. Shamanism combines it all together, the visible and the invisible, and in doing so, it brings our Being into wholeness and unity.

Shamanic Healing refers to the wholeness of a person, on both his visible and invisible aspects.

In the Shamanic Healing every aspect of the person’s existence is taken into account. Treating the problem / disease / pain / conflict or any imbalance, is done by examining and looking at all the components (physical and metaphysical), adding them together, and giving the precise treatment to the person’s needs.

There are two layers to the answer:

  1. The technical and practical level:
    The session is conducted via Zoom, we are communicating with open cameras, ‘face-to-face’ meeting. The course of the Healing session: Reviewing your current situation, Receiving the Shamanic Healing: while lying down comfortably, you let yourself absorb the energetic work in your body, aura and consciousness field. At the end of the session, we share: your feelings, what we focused on, insights of your condition, clarity on your direction / next step.
  2. The energetic level: The Shamanic Healing occurs in the consciousness fields of the person and the shaman. It does not depend on time and space. The Healing occurs by connecting the consciousness fields through the sublime worlds and higher dimensions, and by receiving elevated frequencies of light. The course of the session does not require being in the same physical space, and its manifestation and results do not depend on it. The power of the Healing lies in the shaman’s ability to shift between different states of consciousness, between variant dimensions, and take the person on a deep journey of healing.

Zoom is a software for video calling and video conferencing developed by the American company ‘Zoom Video Communications’.
The software works on PCs and smartphones, and the use for you is free of charge.

The software is convenient and easy to use, and excellent for in-person therapy sessions as well as for group shamanic events.

If you do not have Zoom software installed yet: we will send you via email a link to connect and install the software, a simple move that takes about 3 minutes. You can remove it at any time.

Shamanic Healing helps you heal and solve any problem / issue in your life. There are no limits or limitations in shamanic healing; all possibilities are open and everything can be healed and changed.

Whether it’s a physical illness, emotional pain, difficulties, conflicts, blockages, inhibitions (physical, emotional, mental), helplessness, fear or any other cause that decreases and limits you in life… or whether it is a desire to develop and grow, spread your wings and fly high, increase your abundance in every sense, jump into the next level, expand your consciousness, or simply experience life in other colors… for all these and more, shamanic healing gives an answer.

The ‘Light Language’ is presented by sacred geometric shapes and colors.

The ‘Light Language’ is the basic, primary and original language in which all the consciousness fields are communicating, in the lower and upper worlds.

The Light Language is the one that connects the different consciousness fields (human-beings, words, ideas, thoughts, feelings, prayers, animals, plants, angels, spiritual guides, Earth, stars, galaxies and all…) whether we Aware of it or not, it creates communication, connection and unity between all that exists.

Light Language is the KEY to communicate with all that exists, the visible and the invisible realms. When you know how to create the precise vibrations through your consciousness with ‘Light Language’, you can attract a response to your needs / desires / requests / prayers / dreams / and aspirations, and co-create your path in a clear and precise way, for the highest good of all.

Imagine that you know how to co-create through the language of the Source, that is known and understood by whole universe. When you tune your consciousness to the right vibration, you receive an answer that matches your vibration and manifest your wishes in reality; easily, gently and quickly.

A Light Language Grid is a combination of shapes and colors that works in a certain way through your consciousness field.

A Light Language Grid is creating an inner-change in your perspective / attitude / beliefs / Thought-forms and therefore a change in your outer-reality.

The Light Language Grids are an excellent way to transform your consciousness to desired vibration, so that you can attract the same energy in your reality.

The Light Language grid creating Healing and transformation in your consciousness, to cultivate new frequencies of light / insights / ideas / inspiration and creation, as well as to cleanse old thought forms and beliefs, change patterns, release addictions and habits, detoxify limitations, restrictions and barriers.

Light Language Grid creates new vibration of consciousness, which serves you in fulfillment and realization.

There are different types of Light Language Grids, each one has a different contribution:

  • Grid consisting of 7 shapes and colors
  • Grid consisting of 12 shapes and colors
  • Grid consisting of 49 shapes and colors
  • Grid consisting of 144 shapes and colors
  • Grid Mobius (the Infinity shape)
  • Pyramid Grid

Light Language Grid is activated in your aura field and works with your consciousness 24/7 until it arrives to a completion of the process for which it was created.

The grid is integrated in your aura field and create a change in your thoughts, concepts, beliefs, vision, and as a result creating a transformation in your emotions as well.

The purpose of a grid is to create a change from within, so you have new clarity and understanding for the situation; your perspective and thoughts have changed, and now you are vibrating a new wave of energy that attracts to your reality what you asked for.

Yes, absolutely. It is possible to get a personal grid without learning the Light Language.

If you are not interested in learning Light Language, but still want to enjoy all the healing benefits of a grid, contact Naama for your personal grid, tailored to your needs and to your current situation.

  • The grid is created according to your needs and wishes, for your highest good.
  • The grid is activated in your aura field.
  • You receive the grid by email in its visual version, so you can print it and place it anywhere you want.
  • The creation and activation of the grid does not require your physical presence.
  • The performance of the grid in your aura field does not depend on having it printed.