Ask for your 144-grid of Light Language!

The creation of your personal grid includes a one-hour appointment via video conference with Naama, to specify your request for your 144-shape grid. 

The 144-shape grid will take you 144 steps forward. This grid brings you to an expertise level in the subject you wish to heal and transform in your life. The 144-shape grid is activated in your energetic field and works with you on ALL aspects and levels of the chosen subject, without leaving any corner untreated.

This grid assists you in transforming your life in a positive way, without any compromises. It works within your consciousness until the result you’ve asked for is manifested in your life. When this grid is operating in your energetic field, you can feel relaxed and reassured that you are on the right path to achieve your goals!

Example of a personal grid of 144 shapes for wealth

Even when you are not consciously thinking about it, the grid functions in your energetic field 24/7, until the result is fulfilled. In order to help facilitate your path to manifestation, the grid dissipates the limitations and blockages you carry regarding your objective, especially those of which you are unaware.

The main reason for not fulfilling your objectives is because of hidden limitations and false beliefs that you carry in your subconsciousness. When you are unaware of them, you’ll keep having these blockages preventing you achieve your goals. When a grid is activated in your energetic field, it illuminates these limitations and helps you dissolve them. There is no other method as beneficial as Light Language grids for this purpose.

Example of a personal grid of 144 shapes for health

The 144-shape grid is a great catalyst in life! This powerful and persistent grid is activated in your energy field until the desired result is achieved. It guides you on a path of transformation to attract the frequencies you desire in your life.

The 144-grid harmonizes all aspects of your being to bring you to the necessary level of consciousness to achieve the final result. The 144-grid reaches the heart of the matter to transform it at all levels. It is a “super transformer” that operates for as long as necessary in order to accomplish the beneficial outcome.

With the 144-grid, you experience tremendous and profound changes in your reality, your perceptions, your beliefs, your thought patterns, your schemas, your feelings, and your emotions. You can have multiple 144-grids working in your energy field simultaneously.

Example of a personal grid of 144 shapes for Love.

What are the benefits of having a 144-shape grid ?

      • With the 144-shape grid, you can be sure to achieve your goal!
      • This grid works to dissipate and eliminate your limitations and blockages regarding your goal, so that you can manifest it.
      • Contains all the steps of the process until the desired result is delivered
      • Creates a fundamental transformation in your life.
      • Coordinates all elements of your being together in harmony.
      • Provides uncompromising healing until the result is achieved.
      • The 144 grid attracts experiences, adventures, new connections, information, knowledge, support, and everything you need to accomplish the healing or change required in your life.
      • The 144 grid is a wonderful experience for attracting into your life what serves your highest good!
  • Example for a grid of 144-shapes for Possibilities and Opportunities

The creation of your personal grid includes a one-hour video conference meeting with Naama to specify your request for the grid’s subject.

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