Ask for your 144-grid of Light Language!

The 144 shapes grid is a SUPER-MEGA grid! It is powerful, long-lasting, persistent, and active in your energy field until realization. With this 144-grid you are receiving the reality you asked to create, without compromise and no excuses. The 144-grid is tuning all the aspects of your being to bring you to the level of consciousness needed, in order to deliver the final desired result. The 144-grid is reaching the source of the matter and transform it in all levels. It is a ‘super-transformer’, that operates as long as needed in order to accomplish the beneficial outcome. With the 144-grid you achieve profound tremendous changes in your reality, perceptions, beliefs, thought-form, patterns, feelings and emotions. You can have a several 144-grids running in your energy field at the same time.

What are the benefits of the 144-grid ?

      • Contains all the steps of the process until the desired result is delivered
    • Creates a fundamental transformation in your life
    • Coordinates all the elements of your being together in harmony
    • Uncompromising healing, until the result is achieved
    • Grid-144 is bringing to your life experiences, adventures, new connections, information, knowledge, support, and everything you need to accomplish the healing / change required in your life
    • Grid-144 is an incredible experience to attract into your life what serves your highest good!

    Order your 144-grid !

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