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Light Language Session

Private Session for Light Language

A one hour private session to receive clarity about the Light Language grids, answers to your questions and advanced guidance. […]

7-shapes grid

This grid is relating to your 7 main chakras, empowering your abilities and creates new awareness.

12-shapes grid

This grid is relating to your 12-chakra system, develops and enhances the flow of energy to the additional chakras. It extends your relations to higher realms.

49-shapes grid

This grid is treating / healing / transforming a specific topic in your life, and gives you the opportunity to step into a new reality and gain new insights.

144-shapes grid

This grid is healing the root of the matter, and transform it in all levels. It operates as long as needed in order to accomplish the beneficial outcome.

The Mobius grid

The grid of infinity; it multiplies, replicates and perpetuates the desired outcome; strengthening the potential by keeping a continuous flow.

Royal Gems Pyramid Grid

This grid carries the magic and wonders of the pyramid. Supports your evolution in relation to a specific topic and raises your vibrations. creates a metamorphic change within you, works for a lifetime.