“Thank you Naama, for this Light Language 2 stage. In reality, it is more than a stage, it’s an experience that I recommend wholehearted. At first, I was not sure what I was heading for. Then, I felt the effects of the Light Language in me. My mind got silenced for a while and I felt being in plenitude and abundance. I understood that a spiritual path was opening up for me. A rich path where the grids will help me work on myself. And also, for the highest good of the planet.”

Julien P.

“I was in a situation of deep depression due to a tremendous sense of guilt after a breakup that I caused. I thought I was going to end my life and I was in total emotional confusion. Naama welcomed me with rare kindness, a bright smile and I was in total confidence… The first 3 sessions were painful, I cried a lot but this evacuation of too much suffering was beneficial in the end. Naama knew how to work on the area where all my suffering was concentrated and at the 4th session, she could heal this area without triggering any anxiety attacks. She worked on different things during the sessions and my feelings were different each time: either I felt well anchored in earth, or I felt very light, until I reached a point of balance and centered on myself, on what I really want. Today, I no longer carry this feeling of destructive guilt, I’ve really got a taste for life, I feel in tune with myself, and this well-being reflects on my relationships with others. I know how to sort things out, feel stronger and more benevolent too. I slowly became aware of the impermanence of things and I know that things can change, that I can change. I am more serene and more self-centered. “

Catherine F.

“Thank you again for this fabulous event! It’s always a wonderful and powerful experience… a lot of sensations, vibrations, spiral movements… I feel lighter, more vibrant, more alive! the space in the heart is larger, more open… I find more softness and joy inside me… I had lost it a bit in the recent months… thank you. “

Nathalie M.

“… The course of Light Language gently leads you to go beyond your usual thought patterns, and to access the beauty of the world. It highlights all our creative potential. It allows you to walk towards clarity and love, to see all the possibilities of life… Thanks to this initiation of Light Language, I now have the knowledge and tools to take care of myself and walk more confidently on my path. A sincere thank you to Naama for her gentleness, her love, for the intensity and depth of her teachings and insights… “

Pauline T.

“During a session with Naama, you feel all her benevolence, you are confident and it’s pleasant to let yourself go, even if you don’t necessarily know what to expect at the beginning. It seems to me that the benefits of the sessions are increasing day by day. I thank Naama for allowing me to see positive changes where I did not expect them, I am very happy to have made the decision of taking shamanic sessions with her! “

Cathy C.

“The event went very well… Energies of liberation, healing received, I was delighted… I welcomed the strong reactions of evacuations I experienced from the start of the event, along with the forms of light you have presented… things came out that’s for sure… Now I feel lighter, relaxed, and so Peaceful inside… THANK YOU for this beautiful moment lived and shared.”

Valérie B.

“A Sacred Journey! The Light Language courses are more than a training and represent a powerful initiatory journey. Once the courses are over, it is a new opening, a new awareness, and a new Art of Living that begins. Thank you Naama for her great generosity and all her beautiful and powerful facets of Love, Kindness, Integrity.”

Melanie L.

“I live in New Zealand in the Pacific. The healing sessions with Naama were carried out by Zoom. Thanks to my daughter who lives in France, I joined and participated the shamanic events, always through Zoom. The group sessions gave me comfort and sometimes they pushed me out of my comfort zone. I shared my discomfort with Naama by email. She is very accessible. Naama provided answers and offered me her support, a series of 4 healing sessions to accompany me on my journey of transformation. We had appointments once a week for 4 weeks.

The first 2 sessions stirred me up. The last 2 have calmed me down. Before each session we exchanged by mail. I told her everything that I felt; good or bad. All of Naama’s answers were full of gentleness, clarity and sincerity. Her answers in emails also had an impact on me, I read once, twice, three times to soak in and grasp the meaning. Her work continued. On the day of the treatment, we spoke a little and then the session began in silence. I focused on my breathing. My mind wandered, sometimes tears flowed. At the end of the healing, Naama gently brought me back to the session. I felt relaxed, very light. Floating on a cloud, having the impression that Naama relieved me of the weights that prevented me from growing, from moving forward. Naama’s treatments allowed me to transform my vision of myself, to heal myself to grow, in order to move forward in life with serenity. Thank you very much Naama for your support, your gentleness, your love and your patience. “

Odile from Napier, NZ

“… I finished the ‘Releasing Vows’ ceremony; as the process progressed, I felt the changes taking place in me, even in my dreams! Especially towards the end: as if I was relieved of a huge weight. Sensations of liberation, lightness; I observe a certain amplitude in my life: “I allow myself to…”! Yes, something larger, wider, more vast and joyful has aroused, a field of possibilities has begun like a new breath. It is both powerful and soothing at the same time, placed in me in softness. I feel good, very good, serene for the future. One word comes to me: Wholeness.

THANK YOU!!!! I embrace you with all my heart and with all my soul. “

Magali S.

“The Light Language Level 1 training was an encounter with a new dimension and new perspectives. It involved taking a personal inventory and shedding one’s biggest obstacles, welcoming a more serene state, greater confidence, and increased luminosity. With Light Language Level 2 training, the journey delved even deeper, exploring more authentic layers of the self. It’s a wonderful adventure in service of each individual and for the highest good of all. A heartfelt thank you to our guide Naama for awakening us and imparting this sacred knowledge. Her infinite generosity, unwavering benevolence, and unshakeable integrity, accompanied by her luminous protection, allow us to progress serenely on this initiatory path. Every detail, from the organization to the composition of the student group, was meticulously arranged. This is a unique adventure that we not only owe ourselves to experience but also to truly exist within.”

Sophie D.

“I suffered from chronic constipation (since my early childhood) and hemorrhoids (since my teenage years) … From the first session, Naama was able to highlight the emotional situations at the origin of my problems. Even if we are aware of it, alone, we do not know how to solve it… I felt better in my body and in my mind. As the sessions progressed, my metabolism improved and I felt much better with myself… my constipation resolved and I had only one hemorrhoid crise since, which has been less intense and passed much faster than before… “

Fanny P.

“Thank you Naama for your loving support during the ‘Opening of the Heart’ seminar. Among other things, it allowed me to go in depth and release heavy emotions again and again (anger, sorrow, grief…). In the following days I continued to practice the ‘Heart treatment’ and I felt a real relief in the emotions. I had understandings integrated in me, allowing me to better accept my stories from the past. Thus, I feel more and more confident and let the Life circulate in me. Gratitude to you Naama.”

Aminata D.

“… Living through this Light Language training was an extraordinary spiritual experience. The transmission of these ‘spiritual tools’ allowed me to elevate my vibrations and feel a potent and harmonious energy. This teaching allowed me to open spiritual doors long buried in the depths of my subconscious. Through this training, I am undergoing a real transformation of my inner being on a daily basis. Naama’s gentle presence and the Love energy she emanates during these two days of training carry us and guide us toward this newfound spiritual consciousness. Thank you, Naama, for planting these seeds of Light in our hearts and souls, guiding us to experience these moments of grace. Thank you, Naama, for delivering this teaching with boundless Love and Wisdom.”

Roselyn Z.

“Thank you Naama for your precious help on my journey, thank you for helping me heal some wounded parts that were finally able to express themselves, and thank you also because you knew and understood by your experience and your intuition just what we needed to work on… Thank you for allowing me to regain confidence and strength. Thanks for the LL grid which I know continues to work. I’m on my path, glad I crossed your path…. “

Nadine G.

“A big thank you Naama, who knows how to offer a secure, precise setting to allow everyone to progress. she took great care that everyone could integrate their light and make it shine again and again. She was holding time and space, all dimensions to make us touch the multi-dimensional being that we are…. Naama leaves nothing behind: everything is organized, down to the small details. she offers a precise, secure setting for the well-being of the group and of each one. Nothing is left to chance, including formation of pairs for the exercises and treatments. She took great care so that everyone could leave with the sparks of divine light intended for them. Without compromise, she makes sure that everyone takes their mask off and finds comfort in the caring and respectful group. I came out of this stage grown up, powerful, with infinite gratitude for this guide, this master that is Naama. A great lesson in humility, humanity and sharing divine energy. All these words seem ridiculous to describe the reality of this weekend, the feelings and the true powerful exchanges. I have infinite gratitude for Naama, her masters and the dynasty of the Curanderos. “

Marie R.

“… The Light Language is a unique experience. I am still surprised and overwhelmed by the inner perception I had during the emanation of the shapes and colors of sacred geometry. Since the training, my inner vibration is more intense, and strengthens my daily serenity and love of life.”

Amandine B.

“A friend told me about Naama. Her practices aroused my curiosity, which led me to consult Naama’s website. I felt attracted to do shamanic sessions with her, something called me… I embarked on the adventure of the unexpected. These treatments cannot be explained but lived!!! They are very powerful and bring us exactly what we need. Some settled in me quickly, others gradually. My perceptions changed. Thank you Naama for what you brought me. Thank you for your kindness and love that emanates from you.”

Sabine G.

“… During the training of “Soul Pulling” I had the physical sensation of recovering parts of myself. Since then, I have felt a lot of positive effects: inner joy of living, clarity of mind, increased concentration, desire to move forward, change my way of life (move to another region corresponding more to my wishes), feeling of being always centered, more complete and in harmony with myself, my environment and others. Understanding of the events that arise and more confidence in myself, Impression of finding feelings long extinct in me … “

Martine P.

“I had the privilege of benefiting from Light Language training given by Naama Gabbay. There are no words to express the gift this represents. It is a real inner liberation and a new look at our daily life. The great strength of Light Language is to put us in relations with our personal life, by proposing a new reading of the events in our life, and of the way to enter in vibration with the Universe. It is a simple process. The student does not need to master a technique but rather to open his heart and sensitivity and use his rationality to observe and meditate on colors, shapes and their combinations. The group dialogue is fundamental. The sensations of each one, brighten by the experience of Naama, allows to deepen the training and to tune in. I would particularly like to thank Naama for knowing how to transmit with generosity…”

Uriel V.

“This Light Language Level 2 training, more energetically intense, considerably “shakes up” your energies and puts all your energy planes in order. It offers you a 360° spiritual opening, transports you to cosmic energies, which act like a tsunami, and sweep away all your conscious or unconscious obstacles, to bring you spiritual renewal. Everything that is buried deep in your subconscious comes out to the Light, without any effort, and permanently dissolves these “little pinheads” that were disturbing your spiritual journey. Listening to Naama, the true Love that she diffuses and her analyzes, lead you towards a total and definitive liberation from your fears, your doubts… You are “transported” to the deeper meaning of your experiences to better understand and accept them. In-depth work is taking place, to live intensely this plenitude filled with Light and Love.”

Roselyn Z.

“I cannot thank enough Naama, Starr Fuentes and the dynasty of the Curanderos for this sacred training of Light Language, which revealed to me all the magic and the enchantment of life… this training opens the field of possibilities in multiple ways… I have not yet exploited the full extent of the possibilities of creation for myself, my entourage, my work, the Earth itself and its inhabitants, but I know that I have a treasure in my hands, which already changes the course of my life, with the creation of my first personal grid… “

Christine D.

“Having myself ordered a grid of 49 forms from Naama for ‘self-confidence’, I observed that I was gaining confidence and listening to myself. I asked to follow the Light Language training and already at the 1st level I knew that I would go up to the 2nd level. The kindness and love that Naama transmits brings pure happiness. I love the idea that shapes and colors can work for us and help us grow more in our journey. Energies move, vibrations increase and doors open. With a lot of attentiveness, Naama helps us to understand and to put into practice our own grid. I look forward to level 3.

Thank you Naama for this beautiful and unique transmission as well as Starr Fuentes and the lineage of the Curanderos.”

Yvonne T.