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Join the Divine Intervention retreat, a Healing-Mastery initiation from the Curanderos lineage, a 21-day all-inclusive course.

Divine Intervention is a profound divine journey to become an expert healer, equipped with advanced skills and abilities to treat any limitation or blockage. This retreat features a prosperous, well-organized program that includes healing classes, practices, sacred teachings, secret knowledge, and creative sessions. Accommodation and meals are included.

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Learn to create possibilities and opportunities in your life with Light Language, using geometric shapes in grids and activate them in your energetic field.

Learn the language of the Source through Sacred Geometry and become a powerful manifestor. With Light Language grids, you easily eliminate limitations and blockages, shifting your consciousness to the precise vibration of what you wish to attract into your life. Healing, transformation, and manifestation are all about vibrations. This is Light Language from the Curanderos, Mexico.

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Welcome to our extraordinary shamanic events and retreats! These events are taking place live online, or at the beautiful location at Sainte-Radegonde, Meilhards (19510), France.

Each event has a central theme and takes you on a remarkable journey through the inspiring divine realms. These events transform your life for the better by providing new insights and exclusive techniques for healing and manifesting. They offer such wonderful and enjoyable experiences that bring passion for life, joy of creation, and curiosity to explore your abilities further.

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The cards of the Light Language present you with 68 different essences. These qualities can be enhanced in your life, and support you to make a change in the current situation.

Ask a question in general or on a specific situation, avoid ‘Yes / No’ questions. Example: What essence can support me concerning a particular situation in my life? Or: What essence do I need in order to move to the next stage in my life?

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Top Service: seeing the root of the issue, what is limiting you. Cultivating your potential, abilities, talents and capacity to create from your Divine power.

The best results: all the knowledge, tools and keys you receive are at an excellent level, effective and create the desired change in your life.

Personal communication: You can freely express yourself during the sessions, courses, and retreats. Naama is available to listen, support you on your path, and provide clear guidance.

A personalized experience: whether it's a Light Language course or Divine Intervention retreat, each service is tailored to your needs, your development and fulfillment. Along the way you receive personal care and attention!

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“During a treatment or training with Naama you have the impression of being in the arms of Light, strong and gentle at the same time. Your heart is lightened and your fears go away. You’re fueling up with energy!”

Florence T.

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“Naama knows how to offer a secure, precise setting to allow everyone to progress. She takes great care that everyone can integrate their light… She was holding time and space, all dimensions to make us touch the multi-dimensional being that we are…”

Marie R.

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“…Thank you Naama for your guidance, allowing me to discover my soul and its contract. Thank you for giving me the gift of the full awareness, of forgiving myself, and carry the love I need for myself… allowing others to come near and be loved.”

Cécile B.