Divine Intervention

Healing-Mastery Retreat

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Divine Intervention 2024

Location: 4 Route du Burg, Sainte-Radegonde, Meilhards 19510, France.

Divine intervention is a sacred 21-day Healing-Mastery initiation, that prepares you to become a Master Healer, an awaken being and a powerful creator.

Divine Intervention Retreat

About the Divine Intervention Retreat

Divine Intervention is a master-healing retreat that qualifies you to become an expert healer, equipped with advanced skills to treat any kind of limitation or blockage. It takes you on a profound journey where you confront your personal issues, limitations, and fears, leading to your breakthrough! By traversing and resolving your own issues, you ascend to the level of a master healer.

Divine Intervention Retreat Healing

You learn how to address diverse situations on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes, enabling you to provide others with the support they truly need to feel empowered, creative, healthy, and vital! During the Divine Intervention retreat, you learn more than 30 healing practices, which are part of the heritage from the Curanderos lineage. You experience these practices personally and also practice them yourself. You learn to see beyond people’s words, using discernment and inner divine vision to connect them with their higher power and divine self.

Divine Intervention Healing Retreat

You increase your self-confidence, clarity of mind, sharpness in diagnostics, and learn to work hand in hand with higher guidance. You learn to work with different dimensions and Hertz frequencies for healing, transformation, and manifestation. This retreat delves into life’s mysteries and the invisible realms that hold many answers to existential questions, self-growth, and creation.

Divine Intervention Healing Retreat

The program of the retreat is abundant and provides you with precious tools that will serve you well in the field of healing therapy. Regardless of your profession, the healing practices can propel any session you provide forward. This will enhance the trust people have in you as a healer, coach, or guide. The Divine Intervention is also suitable for beginners in healing therapy, offering a prosperous and confident start. After the retreat, you can immediately begin your own clinic and earn the title of an excellent healer.

The food in the Divine Intervention Retreat

In this retreat, you learn how to create ‘Divine Intervention’ with the Source through your consciousness field. It’s an advanced state of consciousness that can only be achieved by going through the processes and initiations of this retreat. You also receive personal guidance and support so you can bring as many of your facets to light as possible. This initiation activates a powerful vortex within you, catalyzing movements in all areas of your life. Additionally, you’ll practice yoga every day led by a professional teacher to support your body, spirit, and soul in this evolutionary process.

Divine Intervention Healing Retreat

The comprehensive 21-day retreat includes healing classes, sacred initiations, practice sessions, sacred teachings, student manuals, all necessary materials, and personal gifts. Full board encompasses all meals, snacks, and drinks, featuring vegan/vegetarian organic cuisine. Accommodation is provided in comfortable shared rooms with luxury showers. Nestled in a magically peaceful location surrounded by nature and offering astonishing views, this retreat provides an ideal ambiance to support your personal growth journey. To ensure quality, intimacy, and personal space for your learning and transformation, the number of participants is limited to between 4 and 8 people.

Healing sessions at the Divine Intervention

This Healing-Mastery retreat is part of the heritage stemming from the Curanderos lineage in Mexico, rooted in Mayan wisdom. The Divine Intervention retreat is unique; there is no other retreat in the world similar to what we offer. The benefits for your personal journey and professional practice are enormous; it’s a turning point in life.

To apply for the Divine Intervention retreat, please complete the application form located at the bottom of this page. The first step involves a private video session online with Naama Gabbay to tune you up with the powerful energy of the Divine Intervention.

Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention Retreat
Life after Divine Intervention

What is Divine Intervention?(Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico)

Divine Intervention is a master-healing of the Curanderos lineage from Mexico.

This course takes you beyond barriers and illusions, dissolves inner limitations, and gives you tools for meteoric development that lead you to self-mastery.

Embarking on the ‘Divine Intervention’ journey offers an exclusive and extraordinary path to a metamorphic transformation. Within this luminous divine space, you shed limiting patterns, beliefs, and thought-forms, as well as destructive behaviors, dependencies, addictions, helplessness, victimhood, and any self-sabotaging tendencies. Instead, you gain strength, confidence, self-worth, courage, new abilities, expertise, and clarity on your path, while significantly increasing your inner light.

(Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico)

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Why to go through Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Divine Intervention’ is a call from your soul to take a significant leap in your consciousness. It serves as a profound portal of transformation, an experience that touches every particle of your existence, leaving nothing in the shadows. Through this initiation, you illuminate all your inner aspects, leading to a shift and transformation in the reality surrounding you as well.

Divine Intervention” is a significant turning point in your life, assisting you in making profound changes and reaching the source of truth to live it within yourself! During this initiation, your inner diamond is polished until your true light cannot be denied… It brings you peace of mind, centering, concentration, mental stability, sharpens inner vision, clarity, and developed intuition. It empowers your heart, teach you to communicate with higher guidance and realms, facilitates journeys to other dimensions, breaks through your limits and limitations, and provides clarity about any direction in your path. You come to know your Divine Self and become your inner Master (Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico).

What golden stars Divine Intervention gives you?

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Developed skills and abilities

Expanded clear vision

Solid Center

Clarity in your path

Strong presence, sharp intuition

Walk your Truth

Courage of the Heart

Confidence of Self

Expressing your true feelings

Produce Divine miracles on your path

Alignment with your Soul and Soul Contract

Communication with superior worlds

Knowing your higher guidance

Discovering your hidden Talents and Abilities

Strengthening your Creativity and Inspiration

Connecting to your ancestors

Developing your DNA

Closing energy leaks

Focusing on your needs

Learning the forces of feminine / masculine

Inner Joy


Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico
Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico
Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Who can go through Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Any person who has the courage to make this significant leap in their consciousness and life.

Any person who is passionate about healing-work and to become an expert healer.

Any person who cares to give himself a divine opportunity for a true growth.

Any person who wishes to see beyond the illusions of reality.

Any person who is joyfully looking forward to make a real transformation, and embrace all its benefits.

Any person who is ready to discover more of his True Self.

Any person who is ready to become prosperous and abundant in every way.

What do you learn during Divine Intervention?

Advanced healing practices for all purposes

Sacred knowledge of Shamanism and life

The truth about our existence

Your divine abilities and true forces

Self-confidence, Self-esteem

Empowering your intuition

Using your emotions as a navigation system

Energetic cleansing

Connecting with higher guidance and realms

Working with the different dimensions

Healing with frequencies

Breakthrough limitations

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Practical info about the retreat of Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention takes place in Sainte-Radegonde, Meilhards 19510, where all your needs are provided.

This is a 21-day sacred initiation for self-mastery and healing, an all-inclusive retreat.

The retreat is led and guided by Naama Gabbay, supported by the great masters of the Curanderos lineage. This retreat includes classes and teachings mainly from the Curanderos but also combines advanced practices and knowledge from different sources that will be introduced to you during the retreat for your highest benefit.

To apply for the Divine Intervention and to acquire advanced skills and capacities, you are invited to fill out the contact form. The next step will be a private online session with Naama Gabbay to align you with the Divine Intervention.

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico

Yes, I’m interested in Divine Intervention!

Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico
Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico
Divine Intervention Curanderos Mexico