Divine Intervention: My Personal Experience

My personal experience with ‘Divine Intervention’

Praying for a change

The Divine Intervention completely transformed my life…

My first encounter with the Divine Intervention initiation was in Italy in 2013.

I sensed that my life was on the brink of an extraordinary change, and I couldn’t have foreseen the wonderful transformations that ensued…

At that time, I resided in Israel, managing a highly successful clinic offering Healing Sessions, Crystals, Reflexology, Acupressure, and doula services for childbirth. Additionally, I conducted workshops on Reflexology and Crystal stones, keeping myself occupied from dawn to dusk.

Externally, life seemed favorable, but internally, I yearned for something more…

I felt confined within four walls of the clinic, dedicating myself to serving numerous people, while there remained countless explorations in life.

I felt the need for a DRAMATIC SHIFT in my life, a new perspective, thirst for a new consciousness, and a different lifestyle. However, I was uncertain about HOW to effect this change or WHERE to start.

So, I prayed and implored the universe to open a door for me…
And the universe wasted no time in responding.

A man praying for Divine Intervention

Universe opens a new door

I came across a Facebook post detailing an upcoming ‘Light Language’ initiation. It felt like a sign, considering I had been looking to learn Light Language for weeks, and suddenly, the universe delivered this message.

I enrolled in the course, and from there, the transition to the Divine Intervention initiation felt utterly natural.

It resonated as a call from my soul—a chance I couldn’t afford to miss. I sensed that my life was about to transform in countless ways, and I simply had to seize the opportunity.

The Divine Intervention initiation was precisely what my heart, soul, spirit, and mind had been yearning for…


Being grateful for my Divine Intervention experience

A breakthrough with Divine Intervention

During the 21-day of Divine Intervention, we delved into every cell, particle, emotion, and patterns, breaking barriers and limitations we didn’t know existed. We uncovered hidden issues, and cleared charged energy, we weren’t even aware of.  We acquired new abilities, expanded our capacity to hold sublime light frequencies, and trained our creative force immensely. Shining bright light, we gained profound knowledge, enhanced healing and transformative capacities, and, the ultimate achievement, learned to manifest ‘Divine Intervention’ through our consciousness in union with the Source.

I’ve participated in various initiations and retreats that have significantly contributed to my growth and wisdom, but none have been as impactful as the Divine Intervention.

It was Divine Intervention that gave me a BREAKTHOUGH in my life.

It was Divine Intervention that helped me overcome limitations and barriers.

It was Divine Intervention that helped me heal wounds and pain.

It was Divine Intervention that opened my consciousness to dimensions and superior worlds.

It was Divine Intervention that sharpened my abilities and helped me discover additional gifts I have inside.

It was Divine Intervention that empowered and amplified my creative force, allowing me to perform miracles through my consciousness field.

It was Divine Intervention that opened huge portals, opportunities, and possibilities within me.

I couldn’t imagine my life WITHOUT Divine Intervention.

It was the greatest gift in my life and still is.

Naama Gabbay performing Divine Intervention

Leading Divine Intervention Retreats

Since then, I have been growing my creative power every day. I manifest my ideas and inspirations, enjoying life and exploring it in magnificent ways. I truly love my life on this planet!

Over these years, I have evolved into a Divine Intervention teacher, offering this service to those seeking a BREAKTHROUGH in their lives, those looking to discover new ways of living, those who believe in the realm of infinite possibilities.

The video featured at the top of this page shares my personal experience with the Divine Intervention. Thank you for taking the time to watch and find inspiration. If you feel a soulful calling or a spark igniting within you, it could mark the start of a new journey.

Feel free to Contact Naama with any questions or to schedule your personal interview for entry into the Divine Intervention.


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