Divine Intervention: Manifest Miracles

Divine Intervention: Start Creating Miracles With The Source

Creating miracles with Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is an initiation teaching how to manifest miracles through your consciousness, connected with the higher power of the Source. Why ‘miracles’? Because when the Source intervenes for transformation, healing, or manifestation, it brings a higher power, that we don’t posses, but it can pass through our energy field. The Source performs the magic, while the person is aligned with the right frequency to enable it. One cannot work without the other: we need the divine Source for this magical manifestation, and the Source needs an anchor to transmit it.

Divine Intervention doesn’t occur if we don’t ask for it and align in the right frequency to pass it through us. Additionally, there is a crucial secret that makes Divine Intervention manifest through you. Creating a sacred space, tuning yourself to the right frequency, and activating the secret are essential to allow Divine Intervention to happen. In the 21-day retreat, you’ll receive all the teachings and practices necessary to generate Divine Intervention.

The Stages Along The 21 Days Retreat

Divine Intervention Healing

You might wonder why such an extensive 21-day learning process? Well, to attune yourself to the frequency required for Divine Intervention with the Source, you must undergo an initiatic path. Learning the Divine Intervention from the Curanderos lineage involves removing limitations, blockages, and barriers. This is vital as persisting with limiting thoughts and beliefs can obstruct the occurrence of Divine Intervention.

The second stage involves addressing emotional wounds, pain, sorrow, anger, frustration, depression, and other memories you carry. Clearing the emotional charge and learning to manage emotions healthily are crucial. You learn to use your emotional system as a valuable compass in your life.  Resisting or denying emotions creates further blocks for Divine Intervention.

The third stage of this sacred self-mastery initiation involves resolving complications, negative energy, and conflicts in your relationships. You’ll learn potent practices to manage these issues independently, fostering emotional balance and creating harmony within your connections. It all starts within.

In the fourth stage, you’ll acquire diverse shamanic sessions and transformative tools. These serve you for a lifetime, enabling you to assist also others. You become a manifestor and a creator that can lead positive transformations in other people lives, a significant advantage of this initiation.

A Journey to Self-Mastery

Healing sessions at Divine Intervention retreat

This initiatic path of self-mastery aims to align you with the necessary frequency to receive the secret. It also assist you to grow your ability to manifest Divine Intervention. The tools provided in this initiation are designed to help resolve limitations, conflicts, resistance, and overcome life challenges. So that you are able to materialize your most cherished life aspirations.

There is no other initiation like Divine Intervention. It’s a unique, high-level power, potent initiation, offering tools and sacred knowledge unparalleled elsewhere. It stands as one of the most impactful initiations globally, an unforgettable, life-altering journey.

These 21 days of initiation constitute the most precious gift you can offer yourself, providing all the magical tools for self-mastery. If you feel called to embark on the journey of Divine Intervention, Contact Naama or fill out the application form on the Divine Intervention page. The first step involves a one-hour interview with Naama Gabbay to assess your readiness for this sacred initiation.

Healing Session at the Divine Intervention retreat

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