What is A Light Language Grid?

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What is Light Language Grid?

A Light Language Grid is combination of geometric shapes and colors, that aim to shift and transform energy in a consciousness of a person. There are several types of grids that are serving you for different purposes:

7-shape grid

An example for 7-shape grid in Light Language

A fusion of 7 geometric shapes and colors harmonizing with your 7 primary chakras. This personalized grid directs energy flow through these centers, nourishing them with vibrations that supports a healthier state of being. The grid addresses specific chakra-related issues, such as insecurity in the root chakra, fertility concerns in the sacral chakra, trust issues in the Solar Plexus, imbalanced giving and receiving in the Heart chakra, unclear communication in the throat chakra, critical perception on life in the third-eye chakra, and feeling separation from others and the Source in crown chakra.

49-shape grid

An example for a 49-shape Light Language grid

This grid is a magnificent tapestry comprising 49 geometric shapes and colors, designed to focus on a specific subject. It offers a chance to repair limiting thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors tied to a particular theme in your life. The advantage of this grid lies in defining the desired outcome in the title, with each embedded shape supporting the attainment of that consciousness. For instance, if you’re currently in a job solely for financial reasons and feeling unsatisfied, creating a grid to find a job that aligns with your potential will help you thrive.

Here’s another example: If you find yourself caught in repetitive toxic relationships, attracting friends or partners that drain your energy or bring you down, then a change in consciousness is necessary. Creating a 49-shape grid to heal dependencies on others or boost your self-confidence can assist you in breaking free from this never-ending cycle.

144-shape grid

Example for 144-shape grid in Light Language on Faith

This grid is composed of 144 shapes and colors that create a unique structure of energy. When activated within your energy field, the process of transformation works deeply within you. This means that all 144 geometric shapes are focused on clearing any limitations you have regarding this topic, gradually guiding you to master it at a certain level. It awakens a brand-new energy within you and opens up diverse possibilities on your path.

The 144-shape grid operates without time constraints, working with you for as long as necessary until you reach the desired state of consciousness. This is why this grid is so powerful—it combines all stages in a single framework. Although the process may span years, it guides you through a personal journey tailored specifically for you, addressing special treats along the way.

Any aspect of your life can be explored using a 144-shape grid. For instance: relationships, self-esteem, trust, wealth and prosperity, health and well-being, spiritual growth, and more.

How does a Light Language grid work? 

The Light Language grid acts like an energetic outfit, carrying distinct vibrations that resonate within your aura. By integrating it, you align with higher-frequency vibrations, a magical way to shift from one energetic state to another.

The geometric shapes you choose to put in your grid embodies pure Light vibrations. Each one of those geometric symbols has unique properties influence the energy flow. Creating a combination of geometric shapes together called “Grid” in Light Language. The grid has a specific structure and generates an energy wave. When activated within your aura It collaborates with all three levels of consciousness—conscious, subconscious, and unconscious—to facilitate the desired transformation.

The grids shape our energy flow, refining how we project ourselves to the world. Consider the energy emitted by your thoughts, beliefs, patterns, words, and behavior. What message does it convey to the universe? ‘I am prosperous’ or ‘I struggle financially’, ‘I am attractive’ or ‘I need to lose weight’, ‘I value my strengths and love myself’ or ‘I am a disappointment and must improve’. These grids help shift your approach, thoughts, and self-beliefs, and as consequence, the universe change the energy it sends back to you. They aid in cultivating a new frequency, aligning you closer to your true essence.

The 3 types of grids in Light Language

What are the benefits of using a Light Language grids?

There are multiple benefits to using these magical grids. Here are a few to mention:

  • The most accurate way to align yourself with your purpose.
  • It’s accessible for everyone to learn and use.
  • The grids transcend manipulations of words and speech.
  • The Light Language Grids are tailored to your energy and needs.
  • They are efficient and work well for your highest good.
  • Aligned with the source, they cannot harm you or anyone.
  • The grids work in alignment with your soul and higher self.
  • They ALWAYS create change, shift, and transformation in your life.
  • You learn to speak the language of the universe: sacred geometry.
  • The learning and training offer an outstanding, extraordinary experience.
  • You sharpen your skills and abilities in the Art of Creation.
  • You step into your divine power.
  • You collaborate with the universe from a creator consciousness.
  • The grids open new possibilities and opportunities on your path, beyond what you can see and imagine.
  • It’s a joy to recreate your life through these magical geometric shape grids.

Mandala of sacred geometry

Stories and examples for Grids

Emma contacted me for a Light Language grid because she needed to establish stronger boundaries with men. She felt they were invading her personal space impolitely, without respecting her needs. Most of the time, she experienced it as aggressiveness, especially given with sexual hints. Each instance aroused an emotional storm within her, prompting the desire to run away and shut herself off from the world. She felt that she wasn’t expressing herself with her true power in these situations and wished to be stronger.

Certainly, there are several issues to address in this case. Any topic we would have chosen would engage her in a healing and transformation process. We chose to focus on creating stronger boundaries from her inner power. So, the grid title was this:

“{Her Name} is discovering her true inner power to establish healthy boundaries with masculine energy, by 500% more and more, easily, gently and quickly, for her highest good, by December 12, 2023.”

example for a 49-shape grid for healthy boundaries


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