Soul pulling

This article provides insights into:

  • Understanding Soul Pulling
  • When is a ‘Soul Pulling’ Journey Necessary?
  • Consequences of Losing Parts of Your Soul
  • Advantages and Benefits of ‘Soul Pulling’
  • The Importance of ‘Soul Pulling’ for You

Understanding ‘Soul Pulling’

Soul Pulling

Soul Pulling is a powerful ancient healing practice to retrieve lost parts of your soul. This healing technique originates from the Curanderos lineage in Mexico. As a teacher and shamanic healer within the Curanderos tradition, I am honored to offer this healing in private sessions or groups. Additionally, I provide teachings of this special healing to those who seek enlightenment and embark on the path of self-discovery.

‘Soul Pulling’ is a profound healing aimed to reclaim lost fragments of soul across life events, whether in this lifetime or another incarnations. This sacred ceremony is conducted by an expert shaman, that ensures safety throughout this profound healing. This delicate yet transformative process includes delving into painful memories or unpleasant souvenirs from the past. That is why it is necessary to have a secure and sanctified space all along the ceremony.

Upon reintegration of the soul fragments in the aura, a sense of augmented strength emerges, accompanied by feelings of lightness, clarity, and joy. Sometimes, there might be an expression of temporary sadness as residues of past traumas reappear. It’s important to recognize the significance of this expression and allow it to be.

‘Soul Pulling’ serves as a sacred rite, bestowing a profound sense of wholeness, fortifying one’s spirit, and illuminating the path ahead with an amplified inner light and power.

When is a ‘Soul Pulling’ Journey Necessary?

Soul Pulling journey

During life time, whether young or old, a person can loose parts of his soul in events that affected him greatly. That happens mostly when he experience huge emotion reaction to something, and stay of-guard, out of his center. At this moment parts of the soul fly out of his energetic field, and stay attached in the space of event. These parts stay there until the person become aware that he lost them and need to call it back to him.

Throughout life, whether young or old, a person can lose parts of his soul during events that profoundly impact him. This occurs primarily when experiencing intense emotional reactions and being caught off-guard, outside his inner center. At such times, fragments of the soul disengage from his energetic field, remaining attached to the space of the event. These fragments persist there until the individual becomes aware of their loss and realizes the need to retrieve them.

Various life events can lead to the loss of parts of the soul. These include:

  • Traumatic experiences
  • Shocking moments
  • Accidents
  • Funerals
  • A loss of a significant person
  • Hospital surgeries under anesthesia
  • Severe crises
  • Grief and profound sadness
  • Fear and terror
  • Rage
  • Severe or chronic illnesses
  • Betrayal and abandonment
  • Prolonged periods of stress or burnout
  • Toxic relationships
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Fear of death experiences
  • Natural disasters
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Financial crises or bankruptcy
  • Witnessing or experiencing violence
  • Being in a war zone or conflict area

If you have experienced any of these life events and feel their profound impact on your life, there’s a significant chance that ‘Soul Pulling’ is necessary for you. Additionally, if you’ve encountered other events provoking intense emotional reactions, these too may indicate the need for soul retrieval.

Consequences of Losing Parts of Your Soul

Bringing back lost parts of the soul

Any experience where a person wasn’t fully present in the moment and couldn’t maintain their inner light may result in the loss of soul fragments.

During moments of crisis, pain, or profound sorrow, we often shed soul particles from our energy field, weakening our inner strength and vitality. The shift in energy flow due to the loss of soul fragments can lead to various effects:

The Effects of Losing Parts of Your Soul:

  • Lack of concentration / difficulty in concentrating
  • Sleeping problems, insomnia
  • Depression, low morale
  • Lack of passion for life
  • Impairment of the power of creation
  • Difficulties manifesting ideas
  • A sense of closure
  • A desire to escape from life
  • Emotional numbness or detachment
  • Difficulty forming or maintaining relationships
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Chronic fatigue or lack of energy
  • Heightened anxiety or panic attacks
  • Persistent feelings of guilt or shame
  • Increased irritability or anger issues
  • Memory problems or cognitive difficulties
  • Sense of disconnection from oneself or surroundings
  • Physical ailments without clear medical cause
  • Disruption in spiritual connection or disinterest in spirituality
  • Difficulty in setting and achieving goals

The phenomena described here are not exclusive to the loss of soul particles, but there is a high probability that a person may suffer from lost fragments of their soul, and need to gain back his wholeness.

‘Soul Pulling’ healing aids in regaining your inner light, allowing for greater presence, centeredness, and focus. Other benefits resulting from this healing will be discussed in the next chapter.

Advantages and Benefits of ‘Soul Pulling’

Soul Pulling

A session of Soul Pulling can only bring benefits into your life and strengthen you for the better. As we experience various events and emotions throughout our lives, there’s a high probability that one might have lost parts of his soul. Embarking on this sacred journey at least once in your life can elevate your energy and raise your frequency.

Here are some benefits of ‘Soul Pulling’:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Clarity of mind
  • Sense of wholeness and peace
  • Joie de vivre
  • Stability and strength
  • Balance
  • Vitality
  • Resilience
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Comfort within your physical body
  • Heightened intuition
  • Emotional stability
  • Greater empathy and compassion
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhanced spiritual connection
  • Release of past traumas
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Expanded consciousness
  • Inner harmony
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Improved decision-making abilities
  • Renewed enthusiasm for life
  • Greater resilience in facing challenges

‘Soul Pulling’ is a healing process that occurs in a single session, where the parts ready to reunite with your consciousness flow back to you. We cannot select which parts will return or determine the quantity; it depends on your present state and how much light you can consciously contain.

You are welcome to reach out to Naama Gabbay for healing sessions in groups or to learn this sacred ceremony.


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