What is Light Language?

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Geometric shapes in different grids

What is Light Language?

Light Language is the language of vibrations, consisting of sacred geometric shapes. This signifies that everything within our world, whether visible or invisible, possesses a geometric form. This includes: thoughts, words, emotions, dreams, and visions, as well as physical objects, materials, nature, constructions, the stars, the galaxies…

more examples of aspects carry geometric shapes: energy fields and auras, architectural designs and blueprints, biological structures such as cells and DNA, sound and music compositions, artworks and paintings, etc.

Every geometric form possesses unique properties. When using these shapes for a specific purpose, you trigger an energy shift from the spiritual to the physical realms. Light Language grids are created for this purpose: manifesting dreams and achieving goals within the matrix.

For instance, to attract a loving partner, incorporate geometric shapes into your grid that align with a couple relationship. Similarly, when aiming to increase income, create a grid with geometric shapes that promote wealth, prosperity, and abundance, supporting an affluent mindset.

Reshaping your thoughts with sacred geometry

A vivid example to grasp Light Language’s essence

To better understand what is Light Language, think about music. Picture yourself as a jukebox; each song you play corresponds to your current vibration. When you have happy thoughts – you play cheerful sweet songs. When you have sad thoughts – you play heavy blues songs. And when you have angry thoughts – you play heavy metal music. The songs represent the geometric shapes, the vibrations you emit into the world.

Now, envision being able to SELECT the songs you play, by determining your thoughts. When you emit thoughts vibrating with what you wish to create, you’re consciously playing your desired melody into the world. This deliberate vibration attracts back to you the same energy.

The sacred geometry as a jukebox, creating music

How does Light Language work?

The Light Language operates through vibrations. Each geometric shape embodies a specific vibration, and when integrated into your consciousness field, you resonate with it.

At the core of creation are thoughts, each vibrating as geometric shapes. When you think, these thoughts are transmitted to the universe as geometric forms. You may assume that thoughts are intangible, but as they possess geometric shapes, the universe comprehends and responds to accordingly.

Whatever creation you want to generate in your life, your thoughts need to carry that vibration. Manifesting desires requires aligning thoughts, words, and actions. When these elements synchronize (thoughts = words = actions), coherence emerges, and manifestation occurs. Sound simple, isn’t it?

Coherency of thoughts, words and actions in Light Language

The problem arises when your thoughts do not align with your goals and intentions. Negative thoughts stemming from rooted limiting beliefs that hinder the manifestation of your desires.

This is where Light Language becomes invaluable, offering a powerful tool to transform your thoughts and dissolve limiting beliefs. It is aligning you with the vibration of your desired manifestations.

So what exactly is Light Language? It’s the sacred geometry utilized to reshape the vibration of your thoughts, words, and actions. When you attune to the right vibration, manifestation becomes possible.

How can you integrate Light Language into your daily life?

There are two principal ways:

  1. Grids comprised of geometric shapes
  2. Projection of the geometric shapes.

Both methods serve to help you manifest your desired reality, allowing you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Light Language Grids

the different grids in Light Language

Grids are compositions of geometric shapes and colors that activate as divine structures within your consciousness. When a grid is activated in your energy field, it emits specific vibrations, guiding your thoughts to resonate with that frequency. Aligning with this vibration enables manifestation.

The grids are activated in your field of consciousness during a certain period of time, for example: several weeks, months or years. This means that it become part of your consciousness, day and night, and is constantly working with you. That helps you to grow into the desired vibration and to fully integrate the grid in your consciousness field.

These grids work within your consciousness for defined periods, ranging from several weeks to months or years. They become an integral part of your consciousness, operating continuously day and night, aiding your growth into the desired vibration and full integration of the grid into your consciousness field.

Projections of geometric codes

Projections of geometric shapes

Projection involves emanating geometric shapes from your consciousness, serving as another mean to shift energy and induce changes in reality. Through these geometric shapes, your mind communicates with the Mind of the universe. You don’t need to be a mathematician or physicist to employ Light Language, but the original initiation from the Curanderos lineage is necessary.

Projecting geometric shapes as pure essences is another creative way for manifestation. It allows you to choose at a spontaneous moment the desired vibrations and shift the energy. These projections are moment-specific vibrations and have shorter durations compared to grids. Learning this technique enables its application for diverse creations at any given moment.

Light Language stands as the primary key for manifesting dreams and goals by attuning to the same vibrations. Mastering the use of geometric shapes as a language and reshaping your thoughts into the right vibrations empowers manifestation and fulfillment of your desires.

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A Journey to Emotional Intimacy through Light Language

I share with you the story of a young woman who successfully navigated emotional barriers using the geometric shapes of Light Language.

This woman grew up in a household where both parents struggled with expressing themselves emotionally, stemming from deep-rooted control issues. Consequently, her ability to intimately connect with a partner was affected. Unaware of her own emotional barriers, she struggled to establish a deep, vulnerable relationship. Turning to Light Language, her main objective was to heal the emotional wounds inflicted by her parents’ behavior. She realized that until that point, she had been attracting partners who were emotionally unavailable and unable to embrace emotional closeness due to their own fears.

Through Light Language, she started dismantling these hidden barriers in her subconscious that hindered her from experiencing emotional intimacy. Working with sacred geometric shapes, she began embracing the multitude feelings stirring within her belly and heart. It was the first time she paid attention to the diverse spectrum of emotions, surprised by the various sensations evoked within her body.

Her journey with Light Language was truly transformative! It empowered her to shatter the walls, courageously open her heart, and embrace affection and tenderness. She realized her parents’ relationship dynamics were subtly shaping her path, even as she consciously rejected them. Light Language became her guide to dissolve these barriers, paving the way for a new experience of emotional intimacy.

Ultimately, the breakthrough occurred. Through her dedication to this process, she attracted a caring and sensitive partner into her life. Together, they now share a beautifully intimate space, nurturing growth and providing support for each other’s journeys.

Example for a 49 shape grid for emotional intimacy

How do the initiations into Light Language take place?

Initiations to Light Language is a sacred process conducted online LIVE by Naama Gabbay. This unique teaching formula involves receiving an actual “download” of information and frequencies into your aura. By integrating these Light Language frequencies into your consciousness, you gain the ability to utilize this knowledge in grids and projections.

The LIVE online teaching includes a booklet and files that will be emailed to you after registration. Upon completion of each initiation, you will receive a certificate confirming your Light Language training.

Initiation for Light Language Level 1

examples for 7 shape grids

Light Language Level 1 serves as the primary introduction to the profound wisdom of sacred geometry passed down by the Curanderos lineage. This initiation empowers you to construct grids comprising seven frequencies corresponding to the seven-chakra system. Within Level 1, you acquire the ability to shift the energy within your seven principal chakras. This enables the healing of wounds, limitations, and blockages, transforming them into vibrations that generate well-being.

The Light Language grids of Level 1 enable the transformation of limiting thought forms, patterns, and beliefs, including those rooted in your subconscious. This process allows you to infuse new light, perspectives, and creations into your life.

The impact of a 7-shaped grid is immense across all aspects of your life. It stands as a powerful healing tool that equally engages with each of your seven chakras, strengthening the flow and connection between them. The 7-shaped grid delivers targeted healing to each chakra, allowing it to reach its optimal energy level. This grid serves as an energetic ensemble tailored uniquely to your chakra system, and you learn how to create it yourself!

Initiation for Light Language Level 2

Example for grid of 49 shapes

Light Language Level 2 propels you into a higher realm of creation and manifestation, acknowledging your innate abilities as a divine creator. At Level 2, you are introduced to a wider array of sacred geometric shapes and a diverse spectrum of colors. This expansion offers you more avenues to materialize your aspirations and bring your dreams into reality.

In this level, you gain the proficiency to concentrate your grid on specific topics, defining the precise outcomes you wish to manifest in your life. Through the 49-shaped grids, you possess the privilege to target particular areas in your life and manifest your desires. This translates to infinite possibilities for creation, such as increasing your income, attracting a compatible soulmate, transforming projects into success stories, dispelling false beliefs, relinquishing habits, overcoming addictions, enhancing relationships with colleagues, friends, or family, establishing connections with higher divine guidance, and numerous other prospects.

Light Language Level 2 offers a multitude of benefits! It serves as a potent tool to fortify self-confidence, unveil latent talents and capabilities within you, and nurture your potential to reach loftier objectives. Moreover, it facilitates forging new connections, releasing toxic relationships, finding fitting employment that aligns with your skills, and attuning yourself to your soul’s essence. The 49-shaped grid also enables you to infuse more joy, laughter, and love into your life. The opportunities presented by Light Language Level 2 grant you the freedom to choose and revel in life to a greater extent.

Mastering Light Language Level 2 equips you with enriched tools and skills in both healing and crafting a new reality in your life. You can illuminate specific subjects, generating the reality you deeply desire from the core of your heart. Level 2 stands as a powerful instrument guiding you along your chosen path, enabling healing, transformation, and manifestation in any area you wish to explore.

Initiation for Light Language Level 3

Example for grid of 144 geometric shapes

Light Language Level 3 represents a height of expertise and mastery. In this level, the power of geometric shapes and colors intensifies, opening pathways to tap into the invisible spectrum of frequencies. At Level 3, you’re offered the opportunity to expand your creative abilities beyond conventional imagination.

Within Level 3, you’ll delve into the creation of grids comprising 144 shapes and colors, all within the eternal present. These grids operate deeply within your energetic field, addressing every facet of the chosen subject. This means that the 144-shape grid delves into the core of the subject, removing limitations rooted in your subconscious and conscious, and illuminating new possibilities. The frequencies of the grid align you with your desired creation and resonate within you for a lifetime.

Learning Light Language Level 3 guides you through journeys across multiple dimensions, elevating your skills to an expert level. This level empowers you to effect significant, lasting changes interwoven permanently into your life journey.

Light Language Level 3 serves as a vast portal for healing past life incarnations and every aspect of your present life, transcending the constraints of time—past or future. Level 3 represents a journey toward mastery, a call from your soul for evolution and for growing your divine skills.

Mandala of sacred geometry

The History of Light Language

The Curanderos lineage inherited the sacred knowledge of Light Language from the Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico. The Mayans and Aztecs, as the ancestors of Light Language, represent the origin of this knowledge. It has passed down in ancient times to what is recognized today as the Curanderos lineage in Mexico. Through the Curanderos, this profound knowledge has been transmitted from masters to students as a sacred initiation, rendering the Light Language courses unique, accurate, and powerful.

The current headmaster of the Curanderos lineage is Starr Fuentes, who received her initiation from her master, Eperanza Mercado. Starr Fuentes has successfully taught Light Language to numerous students worldwide and has certified teachers who continue to share this invaluable knowledge and tools with those seeking to learn the art of creation in life.

Light Language comprises sacred geometric symbols that encompass everything in our world, making it the key to all creation. Certified teachers from the Curanderos lineage continue to impart this knowledge in a unique manner, complemented by guidebooks provided to students for their learning convenience.

The Light Language courses from the Curanderos stands apart as an INITIATION, offering a direct download of information and geometric symbols into your aura.
Participants can utilize Light Language for various purposes in life: healing, expansion, manifestation, transformation, transitions, and more. Any desired change in their life is attainable through Light Language.

Mayans symbols, Mexico

The Mayans and Aztecs pyramids and symbols

Testimonials of Participants

Testimony of Sophie D.

“The Light Language Level 1 training was an encounter with a new dimension and new perspectives. It involved taking a personal inventory and shedding one’s biggest obstacles, welcoming a more serene state, greater confidence, and increased luminosity. With Light Language Level 2 training, the journey delved even deeper, exploring more authentic layers of the self. It’s a wonderful adventure in service of each individual and for the highest good of all. A heartfelt thank you to our guide Naama for awakening us and imparting this sacred knowledge. Her infinite generosity, unwavering benevolence, and unshakeable integrity, accompanied by her luminous protection, allow us to progress serenely on this initiatory path. Every detail, from the organization to the composition of the student group, was meticulously arranged. This is a unique adventure that we not only owe ourselves to experience but also to truly exist within.”

Testimony of Julien P.

“Thank you Naama, for this Light Language 2 stage. In reality, it is more than a stage, it’s an experience that I recommend wholehearted. At first, I was not sure what I was heading for. Then, I felt the effects of the Light Language in me. My mind got silenced for a while and I felt being in plenitude and abundance. I understood that a spiritual path was opening up for me. A rich path where the grids will help me work on myself. And also, for the highest good of the planet.”

Testimony of Pauline T.

“… The course of Light Language gently leads you to go beyond your usual thought patterns, and to access the beauty of the world. It highlights all our creative potential. It allows you to walk towards clarity and love, to see all the possibilities of life… Thanks to this initiation of Light Language, I now have the knowledge and tools to take care of myself and walk more confidently on my path. A sincere thank you to Naama for her gentleness, her love, for the intensity and depth of her teachings and insights… “

Testimony of Melanie L.

“A Sacred Journey! The Light Language courses are more than a training and represent a powerful initiatory journey. Once the courses are over, it is a new opening, a new awareness, and a new Art of Living that begins. Thank you Naama for her great generosity and all her beautiful and powerful facets of Love, Kindness, Integrity.”

Testimony of Roselyn Z.

“Living through this Light Language training was an extraordinary spiritual experience. The transmission of these ‘spiritual tools’ allowed me to elevate my vibrations and feel a potent and harmonious energy. This teaching allowed me to open spiritual doors long buried in the depths of my subconscious. Through this training, I am undergoing a real transformation of my inner being on a daily basis. Naama’s gentle presence and the Love energy she emanates during these two days of training carry us and guide us toward this newfound spiritual consciousness. Thank you, Naama, for planting these seeds of Light in our hearts and souls, guiding us to experience these moments of grace. Thank you, Naama, for delivering this teaching with boundless Love and Wisdom.”

Testimony of Amandine B.

“… The Light Language is a unique experience. I am still surprised and overwhelmed by the inner perception I had during the emanation of the shapes and colors of sacred geometry. Since the training, my inner vibration is more intense, and strengthens my daily serenity and love of life.”

About Naama Gabbay

Naama Gabbay Light Language Teacher

Naama Gabbay, a Light Language Teacher from the Curanderos lineage, leads and conducts trainings across all levels and courses.

Her teachings are conducted LIVE online, accessible to everyone, and are also available at special events held at her center in France. Over the years, Naama has become an expert practitioner and teacher of Light Language, mastering the art of creation. She has been practicing Light Language since 2013, offering courses in English, Hebrew, and French, and creating grids for healing and transformation. Through her courses, Naama provides all the necessary information and tools to easily and joyfully incorporate Light Language into your daily life.

Naama Gabbay is a Spiritual Teacher, Empowerment Catalyst, Guiding Awakening Transformations, Mindfulness Coach, Personal Growth Guide, Awakening Leader, Evolution Facilitator, and a gifted expert Shaman.

Naama Gabbay emanating Sacred Geometry shapesGeometric shapes on the background of Mayan symbols

We trust this article has provided clarity about Light Language and equipped you with the knowledge you sought. For further insights on utilizing geometric shapes, explore our selection of published articles in our Blog, or visit the main page of Light Language for more information.

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