Book your Light Language level 2 and gain the ability to change specific situations in your life with the Sacred Geometry… 

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Enroll in Light Language Level 2 and receive your own personalized grid of 49-shapes, tailored to any subject you choose for healing, transformation, and manifestation.
This gift includes a private 30-45 minute meeting online with Naama to clarify the focus of your grid: What do you need to heal, transform, or manifest at this moment? Naama will guide the session with targeted questions to pinpoint the subject that will best serve your highest good, ensuring that the grid supports you in bringing it to fruition.

Light Language, OctahedronDouble Spiral, Light Language level 2Geometric shapes of Light LanguageTetrahedron, Light Language level 2Geometric shape Dodecahedron, Light Language

Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 takes you to a higher leap of creation and manifestation! At Light Language (Sacred Geometry) you learn to create a grid of 49 shapes and colors for a particular situation in your life. Meaning:: you can transform any situation in your life to a better result, and attract what you do desire to manifest.

Light Language grid for relationship

Book your place at Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 !

With Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 you have the possibility to create unlimited number of grids, for any objective, in order to heal, transform, develop, grow, thrive and evolve. You can relate to every aspect of your life.

For example: you can create Light Language (Sacred Geometry) grids for relationships, family, coupling, intimacy, children, work / job, money / salary, prosperity, abundance, self-confidence, self-love, self-esteem, friends / colleagues, traveling, new possibilities, selling / buying property, and so on…

The options are diverse at this level… you can change the vibration of a specific situation and attract the result you want, for the highest good of all.

Light Language grid of 49 geometric shapes

Book your place at Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 !

Geometric shapes of Light LanguageGeometric shapes of Light LanguageGeometric shapes of Light Language

What do you receive in Light Language (Sacred Geometry) Level 2?

  • Expanding your abilities to recreate specific situations in your life, by dedicating a 49-shapes grid to a certain topic, that you wish to transform.
  • The advanced grids of Light Language gives you the possibility to create changes in several subjects in your life, in parallel.
  • With the 49 shapes grids, you can express in details your wishes, goals and dreams.
  • You learn how to communicate clearly what you want to manifest, so that it will be fulfilled.
  • Your creations become much more targeted and to the point, at this level of Light Language.
  • Initiation to 14 sacred geometric shapes and 18 colors.
  • Initiation to 11 sets and 11 stages that represent the flow of energy in the physical and energetical planes in your life.
  • Creating & activating 49-shape grids for yourself, for others, and for the community.
  • Index to more than 144 health grids
  • Attributes to more than 300 combinations of shapes and colors

Light Language grid for self confidence

Book your place at Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 !

Geometric shape in Light Language: Double spiralGeometric shape Icosahedron in Light LanguageGeometric shape Octahedron in Light Language

What are the advantages in learning Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2?

  • All the benefits that you received at Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 1 are amplified at level 2 
  • The range of options increases… a higher level of fun and creation !
  • Creating 49-shapes grids for yourself and for others (clients, friends, family, etc.)
  • Creating 49-shapes grids about any topic that you wish to heal / transform / develop / evolve
  • 49-shapes grids gives you the ability to mend your physical health (illnesses, disease, pain, any physical discomfort), emotional, mental and spiritual state, your relations / family / coupling / work / income / house / traveling / self confidence / self love / higher connections / dimensions, etc.
  • Removing obstacles, barriers and blockages from your consciousness
  • Learning how to create desired situations in your life to support your highest good
  • Learning how to resolve and untangle complicated situations, step by step
  • Manifesting easily objectives in your life
  • Expanding abundance and prosperity in your life
  • Awakening your consciousness to the vastness of your BEING
  • Creating from your higher self (and not only from the ego)
  • Learning to create in collaboration and harmony with the universe, with all that exists
  • Creating consciously new possibilities and opportunities in your life

Book your place at Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 !

grid of 49 geometric shapes in Light Language

Why learn Light Language (Sacred Geometry) online with Naama Gabbay?

  • Because you receive the most high quality courses online
  • Because you enter a pure sacred space that Naama is expert in holding
  • Because this is your opportunity to create a huge transformation 
  • Because the Light Language (Sacred Geometry) courses are aligned so well with the flow of your life
  • Because it’s easy, comfortable and accessible
  • Because Naama has the best professional features for your learning online
  • Because Naama is an expert in using and teaching the Light Language (Sacred Geometry)
  • Because the learning process online is profound, comprehensive, and includes everything you need for an efficient use of Light Language (Sacred Geometry)
  • Because you benefit a personal process when learning Light Language (Sacred Geometry) with Naama Gabbay, you receive all the necessary attention during the course
  • Because you receive much more than you expected
  • Because learning Light Language (Sacred Geometry) with Naama Gabbay is an extraordinary experience for life

Book your place at Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 2 !

Geometric shape in Light LanguageTorus, Light Language level 2Sphere, Light Language level 2Geometric shape in Light Language

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