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144 geometric shapes grid for Abundance

Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 3 brings you to a level of expertise and high skills of creation.
At this level, you are working with the vertical time (the eternal present), beyond the linear time and space, so your manifestations become stable in long-term and so much more powerful!

At Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 3, you learn to create & activate grids of 144 shapes and colors, which put at a mastery level of manifestation!

The 144-shapes grid is running 144 geometric codes in your consciousness field at all levels of your chosen topic, until it has arrived at a completion and manifested in your realty. The 144-shape grid directs the light to the root of the matter and do not stop until the subject is healed and reached a full completion.

The Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 3 is a level of proficiency, expertise, skills and mastery.

144 geometric shapes grid for JOY

What do you receive in Light Language (Sacred Geometry) Level 3 ?

    • Tools for high level manifestations, you become a master in creating realities!
    • Learning how to work with the geometrical codes through your DNA
    • Learning how to create a Light Language (Sacred Geometry) grid of 144 shapes, which develop your consciousness to higher frequencies!
    • Learning the secrets of more than 80 sacred geometric shapes, geometric codes.
    • Learning 156 colors (In the visible & invisible spectrum of colors) and their magical use in your Light Language (Sacred Geometry) grids.
    • Creating & activating the 144-shape grids for yourself, for others and for the community.
    • Grid templates to heal more than 120 types of cancer.
    • Learning the advanced sets & stages of the metaphysical plane, to use in your 49 shapes grids…
    • Cultivating your higher potential by evoking information from your DNA strands, your Akashic records, and your soul’s contract.

What are the advantages in learning Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 3?

    • All benefits you received in Light Language (Sacred Geometry) levels 1 & 2 are embedded with clarity in level 3…
    • You learn to create a grid of 144 shapes and colors; This grid is leading you to master the subject you focused on your intention.
    • This high level is for expertise; you create a grid that takes you to the root of the matter and transform your consciousness from the original cause.
    • At Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 3 your ability to expand is growing: the grids can serve you to heal and transform any disease, imbalance and barrier, and also to expand in the direction that you want.
    • The expansion can be in any domain in your life, for example: confidence, love, prosperity, connections, relationships, work, psychic vision, telepathy, spiritual guidance, healthy body, flexibility, abilities, potential, creativity, etc.
    • With the 144 geometric shapes grid, you are reaching a higher level of creation, and your ability to manifest ideas into reality becomes smoother and easier.
    • At Light Language (Sacred Geometry) level 3, you learn to resonate more and more with the nature of your true being, through your thoughts, your ideas, your desires, your needs, your goals, and your visions.
    • With the grid of 144 shapes, your abilities to transmit precise intention and make it a reality are rising beyond imagination.
    • At this level, The range of possibilities and opportunities is infinite!

144 geometric shapes grid for Self-Potential Fulfillment

Why learn Light Language (Sacred Geometry) online with Naama Gabbay?

  • Because you receive the most high quality courses online
  • Because you enter a pure sacred space that Naama is expert in holding
  • Because this is your opportunity to create a huge transformation 
  • Because the Light Language (Sacred Geometry) courses are aligned so well with the flow of your life
  • Because it’s easy, comfortable and accessible
  • Because Naama has the best professional features for your learning online
  • Because Naama is an expert in using and teaching the Light Language (Sacred Geometry)
  • Because the learning process online is profound, comprehensive, and includes everything you need for an efficient use of Light Language (Sacred Geometry)
  • Because you benefit a personal process when learning Light Language (Sacred Geometry) with Naama Gabbay, you receive all the necessary attention during the course
  • Because you receive much more than you expected
  • Because learning Light Language (Sacred Geometry) with Naama Gabbay is an extraordinary experience for life

Light Language grid of 144 shapes for unity of love

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Light Language level 3

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