Life after Divine Intervention

Life After Divine Intervention

In this video I share with you about life after Divine Intervention.
You can literally divide life: “before” and “after” Divine Intervention.
Divine Intervention turns you into ‘conscious creator of life’,
and NOT just a ‘conscious participant’ in reality.
And the difference between those two definitions is HUGE!

Right now, you may be AWARE of yourself and some events in your life, you probably read some New Age books, did retreats, maybe practice yoga and meditation, learned healing therapy or traveled in the world, which made your consciousness much vast and open. You may also know the impact of “cause and effect” and “laws of the universe”, but it is still representing a small part of your reality, and there is so much more to discover…

There are still so many principal keys and sacred knowledge that you are missing, that can contribute to your ability as a true creator.

What is Divine Intervention?

The Divine Intervention is an initiation that opens the doors to all that you need to learn in order to create consciously together with the Source and NOT randomly.

To do that you need to know your SELF better, you need to heal all that is preventing you to be aligned with your true nature and with the Source, and that means:

Healing your wounds and traumas, getting over your fears and doubts, transforming your judgement into discernment, getting out of the “drama triangle”, meaning, not taking the role of a victim, a predator or a rescuer. Because by doing that you continue to hold a very limited perspective of reality.

In the Divine Intervention you transform your suffering and pain to exuberance and high vibrations, you learn the ‘Art of living’, and you learn how to collaborate with the planet, the universe, the galaxy and all that exist.

In order to bring yourself to a new level of consciousness and power, you need to let go of the way you perceive yourself, let go of images and stories that define you right now, and are attached strongly to you. You need to understand that these stories and events are serving you to grow your power (and not the contrary), and when you learn how to detach from it, they no longer have the power on you.

In the Divine Intervention you will untangle the stories of your life, define your attachments and dependencies, and clear them out of your path, see the blockages and barriers you create for yourself and learn how to transform them into opportunities, and liberate yourself from a burden that prevent you to spread your wings and fly.

When you know yourself in every aspect of your being, and not hiding behind stories and excuses, when you open all the doors to your soul, then light can flow to your darkest and hidden places, and transform resistance, denial and restraint into treasure. That will take you million steps ahead, in the 21 days immersion of the ‘Divine Intervention’.

An Extraordinary Experience 

There is no such a retreat / course / school that can lead you to your SELF in the way that ‘Divine Intervention’ does.

The classes and experiences in the Divine Intervention are unique and beyond what you can imagine. It’s a privilege to participate, receive and experience what ”Divine Intervention’ offers.

It’s true that it is not a regular path and not everyone are meant to pass through this door, but the ones that do it, are those who won the spiritual lottery.

The ‘Divine Intervention’ is a HUGE vortex in life, you can refer to it as a hurricane (a good one) that turns every stone and structure in life, to bring you to be in your original and divine vibration.

Naama’s Path with Divine Intervention

I was initiated to Divine Intervention twice in my life, I passed through this hurricane twice: first time as a student, and second time as teacher training.

I liberated old structures from my consciousness, I removed limiting beliefs and thought-forms, I learned how to detect patterns, habits and attachments, I overcame fears and obstacles, and I learned how to transform resistance into gold.

I master it now, and thanks to that I have immense developed abilities to help others discover their true Self and their divine powers.

It’s not only the initiation of Divine Intervention that counts for your transformation, but it is also the teacher that have the ability to guide you through this vortex.

I have created the precise luminous space for you to experience yourself in this vortex. I have prepared all that is needed in order to polish your diamond and make it shine to the world.

Your Personal Journey and Transformation Through The Divine Intervention

You enter the Divine Intervention in your current vibration and when the initiation is complete, you vibrate your true nature, creating your life from inner wisdom with the Source, and enjoying life as you deserve it.

‘Divine Intervention’ is a serious initiation, that encourage you to discover your true SELF, and to enjoy life in the most blissful way.

You become confident, courageous, aligned, clear, and with the ability to discern the essence of a situation or relationship. You are much more accurate in your choices, and you aim your objectives effortlessly.

The ‘Divine Intervention’ is the higher university of life and of the SELF. What you are learning in the ‘Divine Intervention’ you will not receive in any other place.

You receive access to secrets and sacred knowledge, that was prevented from you all your life, you will understand much better the signs on your path and you will know what are the actions and choices that are aligned with your highest good.

You will learn how to create Divine Intervention with the Source, and affect life greatly.
You will learn how to create true magic and miracles in collaboration with the Source,
and you will grow your creation power and healing abilities by far.

An Inner Call to Participate

If this video is ringing a bell inside you, if you feel a strong call within your heart, you are welcome to contact Naama and we will make a private interview to see if the Divine Intervention is meant for you.


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