Divine Intervention Retreat


The Divine Intervention Retreat

The Divine Intervention retreat  is a personal transformative journey for self-mastery. This retreat is a heritage from the Curanderos lineage in Mexico.

This Shamanic journey, led by Naama Gabbay, accommodates a maximum of 9 people. This limited number fosters an intimate space conducive to personal spiritual growth for each participant. The retreat location is in Meilhards 19510, Corrèze, France.

Practicing Divine Intervention healing at the retreat

What is Divine Intervention about?

The Divine Intervention retreat spans 21 days and serves as a profound shamanic initiation, fostering transformation and breakthroughs for each participant. The program features a personal journey to cultivate and sharpen your new abilities and creative force.  In this retreat, participants learn various of Shamanic Healing practices to serve themselves and others. The Divine Intervention retreat includes teachings on secret and sacred knowledge and the truth about the history of the universe and the planet. Participants dive into awakening their awareness to higher frequencies and divine power, alongside yoga classes, meditations, nature immersion sessions, and connections with the Planet Earth.

Healing session at the Divine Intervention retreat

In the Divine Intervention retreat, participants go through personal healing processes to address wounds, traumas, pain, sorrow, and grief. They learn to identify the range of emotions and to express them for their own well-being. Also, they learn how to use emotions as a life compass and as a system supporting manifestations., In this retreat, fear transforms into courage, the ego is aligned with the higher self, and a pure connection with the heart is established. The Divine Intervention retreat promotes self-mastery, enhancing talents and abilities, expanding capacities beyond limits, and co-creating with the universe.

Receiving Initiation at the Divine Intervention retreat

Food and Accommodation

Most meals at the Divine Intervention are vegan, with some being vegetarian, always offering a vegan choice. This dietary approach supports participants in raising their frequency and lightening their being.

The rooms are comfortable, cozy and well-equipped, offering garden or field views through spacious windows. The retreat house is situated in a serene location far from pollution and noise, to encourages participants to focus on their inner processes, and take the most out of it. The location and its facilities support an optimal experience of the Divine Intervention.

The rooms at the Divine Intervention retreat

The cozy and comfortable rooms at the Divine Intervention Retreat

Divine Intervention vegan meals

Vegan healthy food at the Divine Intervention retreat

Vegan healthy food at the retreat of Divine Intervention

Vegan dessert at the Divine Intervention retreat

The training room of Divine Intervention

The training room of Divine Intervention

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