Light Language Healing

Decoding Light Language Healing: Understanding Its Mechanisms 

Healing geometric shapes in Light Language

Light Language functions through vibrations, adjusting them based on our needs and desires while aligning with the greater good. It elevates low vibrations, shifts negative ones to positive, and transforms dysfunctional vibrations, optimizing them for your well-being.

For instance, if you’re experiencing a headache, Light Language shifts the heavy, stagnant vibration into a lighter, harmonious flow, alleviating the discomfort.

Feeling pressured or stressed in a situation? Light Language expands narrow vibrations, allowing you to breathe freely and think clearly.

Struggling financially? Light Language aids in shifting limiting wealth patterns, introducing new frequencies of abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Seeking a soulmate? Light Language adjusts your perspective on connections, intimacy, and friendship, aligning your vibes to attract your soulmate.

Light Language healing delves into the core of all manifestations in our world: vibrations.

Unveiling the Power of Light Language Healing

Light Language mandala power

As previously mentioned, it’s all about vibrations.
Light Language encompasses the diverse geometric shapes forming our world, known as sacred geometry. Each shape possesses distinct properties, healing abilities, and a unique vibration it emits through its structure. These shapes are codes directing energy flow, essentially guiding energy transformation.

When you combine these geometric codes in grids, you generate a new vibrational map. This map guides energy flow, constructing optimized structures to facilitate change in a person, situation, event, or relationship.

The Light Language grid becomes your new vibrational map. Upon activation within your consciousness field, it begins aligning vibrations that don’t match the map to synchronize at the same frequency. This process allows you to manifest desired results by matching your vibrations to your desires, transforming your reality both within and around you to manifest your dreams.

The Two principles for Light Language Healing

Light Language codes in mandala

Utilizing Light Language Grids, which are composed of geometric shapes, creates a map of codes. These codes operate in two primary ways:

  1. Releasing what no longer serves your highest good and do not align with pure light frequencies. For example: toxins, negative thought forms, patterns, habits, limiting beliefs, addictions, attachments, etc. Anything not resonating with pure light frequencies is liberated from your body and energetic field.
  2. Infusing light frequencies that support new consciousness, perceptions, and the vast potential inherent within you. These frequencies enhance abilities, talents, bolster self-confidence, and deepen your connection to your true essence.

In What Topics Can Light Language Healing Serve You?

Light Language crafts a new ‘road map’, a ‘personal recipe’ for the novel flavors you seek to experience.

It offers the chance to fulfill wishes and manifest prayers into the Matrix, weaving new experiences to aid your growth into a fresh consciousness and altered reality perception. The geometric shapes activate novel frequencies in your aura, drawing forth new healing possibilities in your life.

Topics for creating Light Language Grids, the new code maps: 

  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Money, Wealth, Abundance
  • Health (resolving diseases and illnesses)
  • Emotional care
  • Self-confidence, Self-Value
  • Trust
  • Work, Career, Professional path
  • Home, Residence, Location
  • Family, Children, Pregnancy and Birth
  • Spirituality and Inner Growth
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Creativity and Artistic Expression
  • Overcoming Trauma and Healing Wounds
  • Balancing Energy Centers (Chakras)
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation
  • Life Purpose and Mission
  • Finding Balance and Harmony
  • Past Life Healing and Regression
  • Enhancing Psychic Abilities
  • Manifestation and Law of Attraction
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Improving Sleep and Restfulness
  • Healing Relationship Patterns
  • Navigating Transitions and Change.

The Types of Light Language Grids

Light Language offers healing through various types of grids, each with unique properties that influence your energy field in specific ways. These grids vary in the number of frequencies and their impact on energy flow.

The grid is created for your highest benefit and tailored to enhance your potential. Each grid is unique, never replicated, and designed exclusively for your healing, transformation, and elevating your personal frequency.

Grids of 7 or 12 shapes

7 shape grid and 12 shape grid

The grids consist of 7 geometric shapes and colors, designed to engage with the 7 primary chakras. An advanced version of this grid functions with the 12 chakras. These grids create a new energetic flow within you according to the direction you are asking to conduct your life. Grids 7 and 12 remain active in your energetic field for approximately a year and a half, with only one grid created at a time.

Grid of 49 shapes

49 shape grid for growing trust in emotional intimacy

Each grid, comprised of 49 geometric shapes and colors, is dedicated to specific subjects in your life. Operating for a designated period (indicated in the grid’s title), these grids initiate shifts in your consciousness that lead to manifesting the desired reality. You can simultaneously have multiple 49-grids for different subjects working within your consciousness

Grid of 144 shapes

144 shapes grid for JOY

The grids consisting of 144 geometric shapes and colors have a profound impact on your life. They address the root of the matter until the issue is completely healed and reaches completion. The 144-Grid isn’t confined to a specific timeframe; it works with you until you are aligned with the required frequency. You can receive multiple 144-grids for various topics, experiencing a significant transformation in your life.

The Benefits of The Light Language Healing

  • Manifesting any goal, objective, or dream
  • Healing and shifting any imbalances
  • Creating your desired reality
  • Aligning with your higher frequency and soul path
  • Tuning up your subtle bodies
  • Empowering your potential, virtues, and talents
  • Connecting with your higher self and divine guidance


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