Ask for your 7-shapes grid of Light Language !

The 7-shapes grid is aligned with your 7 main chakras, and raises the vibration of each Chakra to new heights. The geometrical shapes generate a new frequency in each of your chakras, and together they perform as a new ‘light outfit’ that pulls-in whatever is compatible with the new vibration, and cleans out everything that doesn’t work in coordination.

The 7-shapes grid increases the vortex of each of your Chakras, which strengthens your abilities and potential. It creates new awareness for reality. For example, with 7-shapes grid it is possible to increase the actions and activities, open up for new connections, generate new bondings, enhance your intuition, rebalance your heart energy, establish new communication, alter your inner vision, have a pure direct flow with creative ideas and abundance, etc. The 7-shapes grid is active in your energy field approximately 17 months. You can carry one 7-shapes grid at a time, and it is possible to change your 7-shapes grid before 17 months, once you have reached the intended level of awareness.

What are the advantages of 7-shapes grid ?

  • Raising up your potential
  • Aligning your chakras with the appropriate frequency for your progression
  • Expanding circulation of energy in your all your 7-chakras
  • Magnet new ideas and concepts to your consciousness
  • Creating new movement in your life
  • Increasing your vitality

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