Ask for your 12-shapes grid of Light Language!

The 12-shapes grid is aligned with your 12-chakra system. This grid is the advanced version to work with your elaborated-extended chakra system. The 12-shapes grid has all the benefits that were mentioned with the 7-shapes grid, plus additional advantages. This 12-grid is suitable for people that already making their steps in spiritual evolution and personal development.

The 12-shapes grid enhances your relations with your higher-self and soul, your consciousness, and other dimensions. It increases the flow of energy through the 12-chakras and arouses your potential. The 12-shapes grid stimulates and opens new energetical centers, which serves the awakening of your consciousness to deeper understanding of your Self and higher realms. It is activated in your aura field approximately 17 months. You can carry one 12-shapes grid at a time, and it is possible to change your 12-shapes grid before 17 months, once you have reached the intended level of awareness.

What are the advantages of 12-shapes grid?

  • Expanding circulation of energy in your all your 12-chakras
  • Opening a wider communication between You and your Higher Self
  • Expanding your awareness in different aspects of your life
  • Opening new windows of opportunities
  • Enlarging your ability to contain light frequencies
  • Aligning you with your True Self

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