Ask for your 49-grid of Light Language !

A 49-shapes grid of Light Language is a manifestation and realization in the short term! Any subject you wish to heal / transform / attract in your life can be treated through the 49-shapes grid, and bring you one step ahead!

This fabulous grid is answering your needs during a fixed period of time, by taking care of barriers and obstacles that you have within you and preventing you to move forward. The 49-shapes grid is removing false believes and thought-forms, emotional barriers, and tuning your consciousness to the right frequency in order to manifest your next step. Ask a 49-shapes grid for any subject you wish to change / heal / develop / evolve in your life, for example: attracting a partner in your life, increasing your prosperity, healing a disease, healing wounds of a relationship, open new opportunities at work, learning new skills, etc. Each 49-grid is centered on one topic, and it is possible to carry several 49-shapes grids in your energy field at the same time.

What are the benefits of 49-shapes grid ?

  • Works in the short term, with the linear time, and advances you to the next step on your path
  • Focused on a specific topic
  • Clearing certain barriers, obstacles and limitations (mind and emotions), that are connected with that subject
  • Creates the change of consciousness required to fulfill your request
  • Brings into your life the experiences, connections, information and knowledge you need to create the desired change
  • 49-grid works beyond manipulations and limitations of the mind
  • Opens up new possibilities on your path
  • No limit in the amount of the 49-grids: you can carry several 49-grids in your aura field in parallel. Meaning: You can benefit from multiplies changes at the same time.

Order your 49-shapes grid !

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