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The DNA session is working on the information & codes you hold within your DNA helix / strands. This special shamanic session gives the ability to access directly your “DNA library” and make some changes in the information kept in the codes. In this DNA session you are given the opportunity to change behaviors / beliefs / thought forms / patterns / addictions / habits / perceptions through DNA encoding. Information can be changed / replaced / adjusted / transformed in the codes of your DNA helix. It is possible to transform information about diseases, genetic diseases, patterns, family patterns, behaviors, habits and much more through DNA therapy.

Please note: This DNA therapy is not aimed to change body features or beauty, like: eye color and type of hair… This is an empowering therapy that works with the core of your abilities, and stimulates new potential through your DNA. In the DNA session you receive 4 new encoding, meaning: changes of information on 4 specific topics through your DNA helix.

The DNA Session is a single treatment, whose effects work in the long run. It can be received as a single treatment or as an addition to one of the series: Diamond, Platinum, Gold. In addition to a series, it serves as a huge support for change & transformation, accelerating results, faster manifestation, and long-term stabilizer (for a lifetime).


  • Direct access to your “information library” of this life and all incarnations
  • Changing information that exists in your sub-consciousness archive
  • Access to the root of the matter
  • Possibility to create a Turning-Point in your life
  • Healing beyond limits
  • Supplemental treatment for one of the series; stabilizes results for lifetime

Book your DNA Session !

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