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This Couple Therapy is a series of sessions to clarify the chaos and reveal the barriers and obstacles in your couple relationship. During the process, you have the opportunity to overcome difficulties that derive from your automats, reactions and fears, and to create a vital flow of energy, renewed bonds, profound intimacy, and new foundations of your couple relationship. This Couple Therapy series includes 6 sessions given as follows: a first joint meeting with the couple, followed by a series of 4 personal treatments with each of the couple, and a joint session at the end of the process.

The ADVANTAGES YOU RECEIVE from the Couple Therapy :

  • Understanding the obstacles in your couple relationship
  • Re-tuning your frequencies together
  • Working as a unit
  • Deepening your intimacy
  • Improving your couple communication
  • Re-bonding in harmonious tones
  • Creating a new foundation to your couple relationship

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