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This Gold Series of 12-sessions is taking you on a journey of transformative healing on all levels of your being. This Gold Serie of 12-sessions is dedicated to healing the core of the issue through all your aspects of being; physical body, feelings & emotions, thoughts and beliefs, subtle bodies, soul & soul’s contract, life’s experiences (including past lives), memories, etc. Within 12 sessions of the Gold Serie you have the opportunity to step into a new phase in your life. The following changes are occurring: expanding your aura / energetic field, perceiving deeper insights, having lucidity, enhancing your light frequencies, fine-tuning your colors, balancing the material plan with the spiritual plan, deepening your divine senses that contributes enormously to your soul-path.

The ADVANTAGES YOU RECEIVE from the Gold Series :

  • Cleaning your Aura / energetic field
  • Clearing your subtle bodies
  • Clearing traumas, wounds and pain from this life and from your past lives
  • Gaining vitality, clarity, force, flow, bliss, serenity and harmony
  • Removing barriers, blockages, thought-forms from your mind and consciousness
  • Clearing some limiting beliefs from your mind
  • Removing some of your limiting patterns and habits
  • Awakening your biggest potential
  • Bringing to light your hidden abilities
  • Expanding your capacity to absorb light frequencies
  • Shifting your energy into productivity and prosperity
  • Transforming your state of consciousness
  • Transformation, healing and a significant turning point on the requested subjects and your soul-path
  • Changing your perspective on yourself
  • Manifesting from your Higher Self
  • Fulfilling your TRUE needs
  • Aligning your 7-chakras in one balanced flow
  • Creating a bigger circulation of energy in your 7-chakras
  • Connecting deeply with your Heart and Soul
  • Aligning with your Soul Contract
  • Empowering your connection with the spiritual realms
  • Empowering your connection with Planet Earth
  • Enjoying new possibilities & opportunities in your life
  • Stepping into a new phase in your life

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