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This Platinum series of 7 sessions allows you to reach deeper into the roots of the matter. With the Platinum series you can bring-to-light more aspects of the subject in question, resolving it through multiple channels of light, and bringing a new ground to your feet. This Platinum Serie of 7-sessions is shifting many aspects in your life, convert difficulties into opportunities, and aligning you with your true Self. It opens a rainbow of choices with your 7 chakras and bring joy and bliss to your state of being!

The BENEFITS YOU RECEIVE from the Platinum Series :

  • Cleaning your energetic field (Aura)
  • Gaining vitality, force, flow, bliss and serenity
  • Removing some barriers & blockages from your mind and consciousness
  • Clearing some limiting beliefs from your mind
  • Removing some of your limiting patterns and habits
  • Mobilizing your energy into productivity and prosperity
  • A significant change in your life and consciousness on the requested subjects
  • Moving with strength to the next stage in your life
  • Transforming your state of consciousness
  • Changing your perspective on the current situation
  • Having clarity on your TRUE needs
  • Learning to fulfill your needs
  • Aligning your 7-chakras in one balanced flow
  • Connecting deeply with your Heart
  • Opening new possibilities & opportunities in your life

Book your Platinum Series !

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