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This class is open to everyone, including those who have not yet learned Light Language levels 1 and 2.

Initiation to the 13 Catalan Solids; the duals of the Archimedean Solids in Light Language. The teaching of this class takes about 10-12 hours and is organized over 2 days, with each day consisting of a 5-6-hour online class (including breaks).

In this initiation of Catalan Solids, you learn the 12 inner laws that influence your life story, and how they can complicate your journey. You learn how to observe yourself from a higher perspective and distance yourself from your own narrative in order to resolve those limitations and blockages. The Catalan Solids is a transformative class that will equip you with the skills to identify the weak points in any life “story”.

These Inner Laws define the habits and defaults that contradict the Universal Laws. It’s akin to being able to perceive elusive hidden shadows and categorize them by name. This class empowers you to pinpoint the narrative at its root and introduce a new frequency aligned with your higher self and the universal laws.

The Catalan Solids Light Language

This Light Language initiation, ‘The 13 Catalan solids’, assist you to clearly see the inner laws that dominate and control your life unconsciously. In the course you learn to transform them to positive codes, that support the universal laws to flourish within you. The activation of the 13 Catalan Solids within you allows you to step out of your story and create from your higher self, without succumbing to the temporary illusions of the ego.

This course aligns you with UNIVERSAL TRUTH and makes your life much smoother, easier, and more harmonious!

For those who don’t practice Light Language yet: you will learn how to use the Catalan Solids in sacred combinations, serving as powerful codes, to dissolve the inner laws that control your life. The activation of these powerful combinations in your consciousness field will help you overcome the tricky habits and defaults from your subconsciousness.

For Light Language practitioners: You can use the Catalan Solids in emanations and also in all your grids: 7-shape grid, 49-shape grid, 144-shape grid, Mobius grid. In this class, you will learn the powerful combinations of the Catalan Solids within a 49-shape grid, aimed at dissolving the inner laws that dominate your life. It’s a potent teaching that enhances the effectiveness of your grids.

What are the advantages in learning the Catalans Solids?

  • Revealing the true essence to your habits and defaults
  • Learning to transform consciously the barriers and blockages in your life to pure positive stream of manifestations
  • Learn to work WITH your higher self and not against it.
  • Learn to create with wisdom, ease and effortlessness.
  • Make yourself much more comfortable and joyous in the flow of life.
  • Flow in harmony and synchronicity with all relations.
  • The Catalan Solids work with your subconscious and help you resolve hidden narratives.
  • Discover the elusive currents that control your life path and transform them with new coding.
  • Utilize the potential that exists in your life and make your path much more fluid and enjoyable!

The Catalan Solids in Light Language

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