Book your initiation to The 108 Advanced Torus with Naama!

Initiation to 108 advanced Torus; a sacred powerful geometry shape, a multidimensional shape and the master of transformation…

In this course you learn how to use the 108 Torus to any imbalance in your life, including: diseases, illnesses, crises, physical / emotional / mental imbalances, stubborn situations, cleansing residues from the past, regulating relationships, empowering yourself and others, supporting ideas to manifest and so on…

In the ‘Advanced 108 Torus’ Course you learn in depth the five elements and the different fields of your body.

What are the advantages in learning the 108 Advanced Torus?

  • A powerful tool to liberate any kind of imbalance, disease and sickness
  • The advanced Turos BRING into your life the precise elements and energy that supports your healing and transformation
  • It is fast, precise and powerful!
  • The advanced Turoses are a wonderful way to get back on track in your life
  • With the advanced torus you can achieve a very fast balance, within a few hours
  • The advanced torus can clean away the burden of your life and bring so much lightness!
  • It is a multidimensional healing, it is working through the dimensions
  • Healing with the advanced Torus makes you understand the multidimensional BEING that you are
  • It is high level magical healing!

Reserve your place in the 108 Advanced Torus initiation!

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