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At the Advanced prisms initiation, you are learning to tune your spiritual prism; gather your colored lights together in order become white light again. You are a Hue-man prism, focusing light inside and out, constantly perceiving internal and external information from many sources and according to that you make your decisions and actions.
The advanced prisms are tuning your light in the right balance between your inner world and the outer world. Unclear emotions cause a distorted light, and as a result – misalignment. In this initiation, you learn to use the advanced prisms to tune up your colors, so that you are clear with the constant flux of emotions that is guiding you.

In this Advanced Prisms course, you learn to work with more than 50 types of prisms and its duals. You also learn the healing energy of the magical prisms, in 20 principal categories of life. The Advanced prisms tune-up your light, refine it, and re-center you in any situation in life.

This is a fabulous initiation that gives you the key to be aligned again and again with your pure light, your heart, your soul, your path, the universe and the cosmos.

What are the advantages in learning the Advanced Prisms?

  • Aligning your spiritual prism
  • Tuning your light and colors to your true vibration
  • Balancing between your interior world to the exterior reality
  • Raising up your frequency
  • Healing and transforming yourself in 20 fundamental domains of life
  • Changing your consciousness in daily life situations
  • Improving your quality of life in a profound and genuine way
  • Feeling vital, having a clear mind and passion for life!

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