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At the Advanced Prisms initiation, you learn to tune your spiritual prism and balance your light as needed: you can tune your colors into the unity of white light or split the white light into a rainbow of colors. It all depends on the situation and what you need: whether it’s balance from the inside to the outside, or from the outside to the inside. As a Hue-man prism, you focus light inside and spread it outside, constantly perceiving internal and external information from many sources, thus making decisions and taking actions accordingly.

The advanced prisms are tuning your light in the right balance between your inner world and the outer world. Unclear emotions cause a distorted light, and as a result – misalignment. In this initiation, you learn to use the advanced prisms to tune up your colors, so that you are clear with the constant flux of emotions that is guiding you.

In this Advanced Prisms course, you learn to work with more than 100 types of prisms. You also learn the healing energy of the magical prisms, in 20 principal categories of life. The Advanced prisms tune-up your light, refine it, and re-center you in any situation in life.

This is a fabulous initiation that gives you the key to realign with your natural divine vibration, your heart, your soul, your path, the universe and the cosmos. When you are aligned as a hue-man prism, you attract coherent opportunities and possibilities to your field.

What are the benefits in learning the Advanced Prisms?

  • Aligning your terrestrial and spiritual prism
  • Tuning your light and colors to your true vibration
  • Balancing your inner world with external reality
  • Elevating your frequency
  • Healing and transforming yourself in 20 fundamental domains of life
  • Shifting your consciousness in daily life situations
  • Enhancing your quality of life in a profound and genuine way
  • Feeling vital, with a clear mind, and passionate about life!

The Advanced Prisms - Light Language

Why learn the Advanced Prisms with Naama Gabbay?

  • Because you receive a quality teaching online.
  • Because you are embraced in a pure sacred space that Naama is holding for you.
  • Because it’s an excellent opportunity to generate the transformation you need.
  • Because the ‘Advanced Prisms’ initiation is taking your path on a magical path..
  • Because learning this course online is easy, comfortable and accessible.
  • Because Naama has very creative professional features for your learning online.
  • Because Naama is a skilled practitioner and teacher of Light Language (Sacred Geometry).
  • Because the learning process is profound, comprehensive, and includes everything you need for an efficient use of the ‘Advanced Prisms’.
  • Because you benefit a personal process when learning this course with Naama Gabbay, you receive all the necessary attention during the course.
  • Because you receive much more than you expected.
  • Because learning the ‘Advanced Prisms’ with Naama Gabbay is a wonderful experience.

The Advanced Prisms - Light Language

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