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The Mobius Puncture Healing is a wonderful initiation for healing and empowerment! Learn to heal with the sacred Mobius in Light Language on principal puncture points in the head. These are 13 secret points that have been transmitted through the Curanderos lineage (Starr Fuentes) and are revealed to the world for the benefit of all.

A miraculous course that provides you with powerful tools to heal imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. These 13 key points address principal aspects of your life and support you in overcoming limitations and issues, transforming them into POWER points in your life. This course is exceptionally magical, and the results are immediate…

No prior knowledge in Light Language is required, you receive a full initiation with all the information you need for healing. You can use these Mobius points to heal yourself and others.

What are the advantages in learning the Mobius Puncture Healing?

  • It’s easy to learn, it’s magical, and the results are immediate!
  • You can access difficult subjects and undergo transformations in consciousness in a very short time!
  • You You embed the powerful gift of the Mobius within you.
  • You can resolve conflicts, triggers, illnesses, imbalances, and distortions with the powerful healing of Mobius-Puncture.
  • You learn to provide solutions and soothe bumps instead of focusing on negative aspects.
  • You learn to administer healing through 13 points in the head that correlate to 13 principal aspects of life.
  • You become much more centered, clear, and straightforward with your intentions.
  • You carry a much smoother perception of yourself and life, making it a joy to navigate through challenges!

Why learn The Mobius Puncture Healing with Naama Gabbay?

  • Because you receive high quality courses online.
  • Because you are embraced in a pure sacred space that Naama is expert in holding.
  • Because this an excellent opportunity to create a transformation in your life.
  • Because the ‘Mobius Puncture Healing’ initiation can contribute to the flow of magic in your life.
  • Because it’s easy, comfortable and accessible.
  • Because Naama has very creative professional features for your learning online.
  • Because Naama is an expert practitioner and teacher in Light Language (Sacred Geometry)
  • Because the learning process is profound, comprehensive, and includes everything you need for an efficient use of the ‘Mobius Puncture Healing’.
  • Because you benefit a personal process when learning this course with Naama Gabbay, you receive all the necessary attention during the course.
  • Because you receive much more than you expected.
  • Because learning with Naama Gabbay is an extraordinary experience.

The Healing points of Mobius Puncture Healing

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