Book your initiation to The Mobius Puncture Healing with Naama!

The Mobius Puncture Healing is a wonderful initiation for Healing and Empowerment! Learn to heal with the sacred Mobius of Light Language on principle Puncture points in the head. These are 13 secret points that have been transmitted through the Curanderos lineage and are revealed to the world, for the benefit of all.

A miraculous course that gives you powerful tools to heal physical and emotional imbalances, as well as strengthening 13 key points in your life. This course is exceptionally magical, and the results are immediate…

No prior knowledge is required, you get a full initiation with all information you need for the healing. You can use these Mobius points to heal yourself and others.

What are the advantages in learning the Mobius Puncture Healing?

  • It’s easy to learn, it’s magical, and the results are immediate!
  • You can access a difficult subject and make a transformation in consciousness in a very short time!
  • You embed the powerful gift of the Mobius within you
  • You get to resolve conflicts, triggers, illnesses, imbalances, distortions with the powerful healing of the Mobius-Puncture
  • You learn to give solution and soothe the bumps instead of focusing on the negative aspects
  • You learn to give healing through 13 points in the head that correlates to 13 principal aspects in life
  • You are much more centered, clear and straight forward with your intentions
  • Your life becomes so much enjoyable!

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