What is Divine Intervention?

  • What is ‘Divine Intervention’?
  • How does ‘Divine Intervention’ happen?
  • How can ‘Divine Intervention’ change your life?

What Is Divine Intervention?

Divine intervention is consciously allowing a higher power to intervene in your life, to transform the situation for the highest good.

Divine Intervention happens from a state of agreement and acceptance.
When you summon the higher power to pass through your 3rd dimension existence, and consciously become a vibration that can contain that higher power, you hold a sacred space where you allow Divine Intervention to happen.

Divine intervention happens with you, within your consciousness field, when you are an active member in the event. Divine Intervention must happen out of cooperation between You and the Source, when your consciousness is clear and available to contain the change that is taking place.

Without recognition of the source within you,
Without recognition of being part of the universal consciousness,
Without recognition of your place in the third dimension,
Without recognition of your multidimensional being,
Without acknowledging your power and divine abilities,
Divine Intervention cannot occur.

Connecting with higher power within

What are the conditions for creating ‘Divine Intervention’?

  • Being aware of yourself, that you are a pure divine particle, inseparable from the whole
  • Being in sync with the Source
  • Being in reception and acceptance
  • Surrender to higher power
  • Trusting the process
  • Being present in the current moment
  • Being in the appropriate vibration to include and receive the ‘Divine Intervention’
  • Being able to contain the desired change
  • Convoking ‘Divine Intervention’ in a unique and sacred way
  • Holding a sacred space for the event to take place
  • Being active in the process in a very specific way

In what way ‘Divine Intervention’ serve you?

  • Liberating yourself or others from any kind of disease / illness
  • Liberating yourself or others from any pattern, habit, thought-form or belief
  • Liberating yourself or others from any stagnation
  • Liberating yourself or others from blockages and barriers
  • Being free from burdens and energetic charge
  • Gaining back your power and your natural forces
  • Moving forward easily to the next step
  • Cultivating your well-being and health
  • Encouraging happiness and bliss in your life
  • Opportuning natural flow in your path
  • Living your life in a magical way, as you deserve to live it

Naama Gabbay giving healing at Divine Intervention retreat

How Divine Intervention occurs?

Divine intervention happens in a certain state of consciousness, when you bring yourself into a specific vibration.
It is not about asking, praying or hoping,
It is not about expecting a miracle,
It is not about being passive and waiting for things to happen,
Neither meditating or visualizing it.
It is about having a deliberate intention to transform something in your life,
It is about bringing yourself to the right vibration,
It is about submitting to higher power and embracing it within.

Divine intervention is happening always within you, within your awakened consciousness, letting the Source consciously make the transformation.

Creating Divine Intervention through healing sessions

How to create Divine Intervention?

In order to create Divine intervention there is knowledge to gain, skills to learn, and open some portals in your consciousness. Learning to create and activate ‘Divine Intervention’ is a sacred initiation, which was handed down by the Curanderos lineage.
It is a Soul Contract,
It is a call of your Spirit for transformation and Healing,
It is awakening yourself to your multidimensional Being and your divine abilities,
It is becoming the miracle, the infinite possibilities that exists within you,
It is knowing the TRUTH of your divine existence…
And surrendering to the power of creation.
You can create ‘Divine Intervention’
You can learn how to deliver it through your consciousness field
You can make miracles come true.

Naama Gabbay is giving healing session at the retreat of Divine Intervention

You are invited for a Divine Intervention

You are invited to open the door to the secrets of Divine intervention
You are invited to receive this sacred initiation
You are invited to say “Yes” to your divine power

Join us in the upcoming Divine intervention initiation and transform your life in the most magnificent way… Things will not stay the same, they will only get better and better.

Learn how to activate the Divine power within you, awaken your divine skills, bring your life to a higher level of creation, and become a conscious partner with the Source.
Life can be so much more than what you think.

Contact Naama to apply as a candidate for Divine Intervention or fill out the application form located at the bottom of the Divine intervention page. Naama will schedule a one-hour video conference interview with you to assess your readiness for this sacred initiation.

Learning healing through Divine Intervention

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