The wonders of Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is defined as a healing process that embraces the wholeness of your being and existence. It is a profound healing that takes place through all the layers of your existence: physical, astral, emotional, mental, spiritual and celestial, that are connected with your Higher Self and your soul.

Shamanic Healing takes place in the present moment of the NOW, where everything is possible, and simultaneously in the eternal dimensions, through an infinite void of creation.

In the emptiness of this space, anything can be fulfilled to its potential. This is where all starts from zero, where seeds can germinate by the virtue of their immense potential. This sacred space allows you to start afresh and manifest new opportunities in your life.

During the healing process your unseen parts are revealed by the presence of light. The cause of the illness, the pain or the blockage are clarified in light of the process. The Shamanic Healing gives you an opportunity to get to the root of the matter, to see the original cause of the imbalance and to heal it completely. Pain, suffering and discomfort can vanish as you get to the heart of it and do not need to be revisited again.

In the process of Shamanic Healing, you acknowledge your abilities, skills and potential, by letting go of fears that keep you from discovering your true power. Your true self grows stronger and feels confident to take the lead in your life.

In this Shamanic Healing, your Earthly being and your Cosmic being are united in a harmonious flow; It is a union of love between upper worlds and lower worlds (‘As above so below’) which expresses your power as the creator of your life.

How can shamanic healing serve you?

Shamanic Healing can serve you in so many ways and enrich the way you experience yourself. It can give answers to questions and resolve big difficulties in your path. It gives you clarity and lucidity to see through a situation and bring it to completion. With shamanic healing you can treat a vast range of issues, such as:

Examples for Healing, Cleaning and Transformation that Naama do in the Healing Sessions:

  • Detoxification
  • Releasing thought forms and beliefs that are a barrier to your progress
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Increasing resilience
  • Healing a broken wounded heart
  • Cutting Cords / Removing Cords (all kind of negative cords between people, places and objects)
  • Healing childhood traumas (even if memories are repressed)
  • Healing relationships with parents / family / spouses / children / or any significant other
  • Cleansing entities and energy leeches / parasites
  • Sealing energy leaks and holes in the aura
  • Soul Pulling; Bringing back lost parts of your soul
  • Strengthening the connection with your True-Self
  • Restoring self-leadership ability
  • Opening barriers to fertility and abundance
  • Getting pure energy for a breakthrough
  • Releasing and liberating traumas
  • Clearing traumatic memories (also from past life)
  • Clearing Negative Resonances
  • Cleaning unhealthy crystallization (from diseases, memories from past life, etc.)
  • Liberating cigarettes addiction / Drug addiction / Toxins addiction / Drug abuse
  • Purification and cleansing of; Patterns, Habits, Negative Thought Forms
  • Healing Broken Heart / Closed Heart / Trauma of the Heart
  • Analysis of your frequency and chakras
  • Opening the circulation of your chakras
  • Centering your Aura / Electro-Magnetic field (EM field)
  • Cleansing negative implants, unhealthy implants, dark magic implants
  • Clearing low entities, spirits (ghosts), bogies and demons from a person, from a house, from a place or an object
  • Removing curses and bans (boycotts)
  • Clearing and Eliminating contracts / oaths / curses of Black Magic
  • Removing any kind of Black Magic
  • Cleaning your genetic system and removing the ‘Ladder of Jacob’s’ curses
  • Cleansing of side effects from the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) vaccine
  • Cleansing of adverse/negative effects from the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) vaccine
  • DNA Healing
  • And much more…

The Shamanic Healing brings you:

  • Rejuvenation and Regeneration
  • Letting go
  • Detoxification
  • Purification
  • New connections
  • Clarity and peacefulness
  • New frequencies
  • New consciousness


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