About Naama

Naama Gabbay is a free soul, gifted with abilities of healing and teaching.

Through shamanic healing and teaching, she is guiding people in their path, connecting them to their inner forces, their Hearts, and tuning them to their unique sound of the soul.

What characterizes her healing & teaching is a unique style that combines extensive clinical experience, accurate discernment and sharp diagnostic ability, well-developed intuition, knowledge and expertise from sacred initiations that she carries from all her life incarnations. Her consciousness is connected with supreme dimensions and elevated healing frequencies.

Naama was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She studied and trained in her native country and in various countries around the world (Italy, Portugal, France, USA) which contributed to her profound and broad perspective on humans and life. Her curiosity and passion for exploration led Naama to travel around the world, exploring different cultures, expanding her knowledge and firing her inspiration. All this has enriched the quality and potent of her Healing Sessions and Teaching.

Naama Gabbay is linked with many sacred dynasties of healers and masters, including the Curanderos dynasty from Mexico, which head master now days is Starr Fuentes. Naama is a teacher in the Curanderos dynasty, and trains students all around the world to Light Language, Divine Intervention, and multitude shamanic healing methods.

As part of her spiritual development Naama’s path led her to France, where she lives today. She happily learned French to deepen her connections in France and give the services of Healing and Teaching. Naama is successfully contributing her part to the foundations of healing and shamanism in France.

Additional to her work in France, Naama is developing a Light Net all around the world, and giving online Healing Sessions, Light Language classes, and Shamanic Events for the highest good of all. ​Thanks to the easy access of online communication, people around the world can get in touch with Naama and receive abundant opportunities that she channels.

During her life, Naama learned from brilliant masters, teachers and healers, and received various trainings that shaped a significant part of her path today. She has extensive experiential knowledge of feminine energy as she assisted countless births as Doula and helped women in crucial phases in their lives. She has a vast knowledge about relationships, femininity and masculinity, and how to unite the two energies together. She is guiding men, women, couples and families in different stages of life.

Naama is also an autodidact, passionate to explore life, to learn more about the Human psyche and the most delicate chords of human existence. Her curiosity brings her to the roots of every ‘life story’, to understand the hidden layers, the paradigms and also the paradoxes.

Thanks to all that, Naama has a broad understanding of the relations between the human body, the mind, the spirit, the higher self, the ego, the soul, and all the systems that support our Being: Chakras, subtle bodies, electromagnetic fields, DNA, Akashic records, soul blueprint and soul contract.

Naama loves her work, and do it with passion and joy. She has a friendly approach, kindness, clear insights and ability to listen. She sees the person in his wholeness and give him what he needs for his growth and healing.

Qualifications of Naama Gabbay

  • Light Language Teacher
  • Divine Intervention Teacher
  • Shamanic Healing Teacher, Shaman
  • Shamanic Healer, Shaman
  • Royal Gems Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Lithotherapy – Crystals
  • Jin Shin Acupressure
  • Doula – supporting pregnancy and birth
  • Maternity Preparation Guide

Naama Gabbay speaks three languages: Hebrew, English and French.

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