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Perfect Inner Space

Initiation to a luminous sacred space within you, keeping your energy centered and clear. This ‘Perfect Inner Space’ puts you […]

20 Minute Consultation

Private consultation with Naama, held via Zoom and lasting 20 minutes
Light Language level 1

Light Language Level 1 (6 to 8 hours)

Light Language level 1 is the first powerful key to manifest your dreams and goals, with Sacred Geometry grids. You learn to create a grid of 7 shapes that put you in the precise vibration to attract what you want for your life.
a grid with 49 geometric shapes in Light Language

Light Language Level 2 (15 to 20 hours)

Light Language level 2 takes you to a higher leap of creation and manifestation with Sacred Geometry! You learn to create grids of 49 shapes to transform any situation in your life.

Light Language Level 3 (44 to 50 hours)

High skills and expertise of creation. Initiation to advanced shapes and colors, learning to create a grid of 144 shapes. LL3 connects you with higher dimensions and with eternity. This level supports you in developing your mastery skills.
Light Language eternal mobius

The Eternal Mobius; EMO (10 to 12 hours)

A multi-level expansion, shifting your energy in all levels. In this advanced course you learn to create a Mobius grid with a constant flow of energy, which keeps the results eternal, for the highest good of all.
Light Language the 7 rays

The 7 Rays; Advanced principles & high magic (10 to 12 hours)

Initiation to the high realms of Archangels and Cohen-Masters! In this advanced course you learn to create a 12 shapes grid that works with your developed chakras system, and a 49 shapes grid that embeds the 7 Rays of Archangels and Ascended Masters in your energy field.
Light Language Catalan Solids

The Catalan Solids (10 to 12 hours)

Initiation to the 13 Catalan Solids; the duals of the Archimedean Solids in the Light Language.  Learning the 12 inner laws that affect your life unconsciously, and how to use the 13 Catalan solids to transform these defaults into positive codes.
Light Language advanced torus

108 Advanced Torus (5 to 7 hours)

Initiation to 108 advanced Torus; a multidimensional shape and the master of transformation. In this course you learn how to use the 108 Toruses to any imbalance in your life, in order to empower yourself, your health, and all of your relations. Learning in depth: the five elements and the different fields of your body.
Light Language Advanced Prisms

The Advanced Prisms (10 to 12 hours)

In this course you learn to work with the healing energy of more than 50 prisms, in 20 principal categories of your life. The Advanced prisms tune up your light, align you with your heart, your soul, your path and all that exists.
Light Language Mobius puncture healing

Mobius Puncture Healing (5 to 7 hours)

Initiation of Healing and Empowerment! Learning to heal with the sacred Mobius on 13 principal key points located in the head. A miraculous course that gives you powerful tools to heal physical and emotional imbalances, as well as mental and spiritual. For beginners and advanced.

One single healing session

for a primary experience / for a quick first-Aid / for energetic cleaning / or for diagnostic.

The Diamond Series

4 sessions to heal and change your current situation, taking a step forward in your path.

The Platinum Series

7 sessions to go in depth. Healing and transforming through multiple levels, shifting to the next stage in your life.

The Gold Series

A transformative healing: this series is dedicated to healing the core of the issue through all your aspects of being

Couple Therapy (per person)

Sessions that support a couple in their unity. Developing a better communication, intimacy, friendship, support and love. Discovering your sacred union.

DNA Shamanic Session

Healing / transforming / shifting your DNA encoding to empower your abilities and potential.

7-shapes grid

This grid is relating to your 7 main chakras, empowering your abilities and creates new awareness.

12-shapes grid

This grid is relating to your 12-chakra system, develops and enhances the flow of energy to the additional chakras. It extends your relations to higher realms.

49-shapes grid

This grid is treating / healing / transforming a specific topic in your life, and gives you the opportunity to step into a new reality and gain new insights.

144-shapes grid

This grid is healing the root of the matter, and transform it in all levels. It operates as long as needed in order to accomplish the beneficial outcome.

The Mobius grid

The grid of infinity; it multiplies, replicates and perpetuates the desired outcome; strengthening the potential by keeping a continuous flow.

Royal Gems Pyramid Grid

This grid carries the magic and wonders of the pyramid. Supports your evolution in relation to a specific topic and raises your vibrations. creates a metamorphic change within you, works for a lifetime.