About the Online Event

A personal astral journey to receive resourcing healing in one of the most secret rooms of the pyramid. The pyramids are sources of information, used as transition places to bring in and send out energy and frequencies. When used properly, you will undergo a very profound healing process that will affect your soul path. During the healing journey, you will receive downloads of frequencies that will support your personal growth.

After the healing journey, you will learn to create your own pyramid with specific qualities and imbue it with your special heart-wish for manifestation.

This online event is guided by Naama Gabbay and is meant to provide you with a profound experience of receiving healing energy, as well as an example of mastering healing, which is what the Divine Intervention Retreat offers its participants.

The event is taking place on Thursday, March 7th, from 18:00 to 20:00 (CET), participation is free.

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The resourcing power of the pyramids

About the Pyramids

The pyramids as source of Healing

The pyramids stand as timeless marvels of divine ingenuity and sacred geometric architecture. Across ancient civilizations, from Egypt to Mesoamerica, these geometric structures have served as enduring symbols of power, spirituality, and cosmic connection. The secrets of the pyramids were brought to planet Earth by our ancestors from the stars, who supported us in receiving new information from the different constellations and opening humanity to new knowledge and capabilities. The pyramids have played a significant role in human evolution up to the present day.

Constructed with meticulous precision, pyramids served multifaceted purposes. The pyramids in Egypt served as temples for sacred initiations and for learning about the divine power of the Self. They also have been used to control the weather, creating rain, thunder, and storms when necessary for the growth of food and daily life. Another role of the pyramids was to serve as elaborate tombs for royal families, intended to guard the elevated frequency of their bodies after their souls departed to the divine spheres. Additionally, the pyramids served as centers of astronomical observation, aligning with celestial bodies to mark significant cosmic events. Similarly, the pyramids of Mesoamerica, such as those in Mexico and Central America, were revered as sacred sites where rituals were conducted to honor God and ancestors.

The contribution of the Pyramids

The distinctive shape of the pyramids, with their geometric precision and towering heights, reflects the mastery of ancient divine engineering and mathematics. From the iconic Great Pyramid of Giza to the stepped pyramids of Teotihuacan, each structure stands as a testament to the intelligence and spiritual force of ancient civilizations. Moreover, their strategic locations, situated at energetic nodal points or ley lines, show their unique role as centers of resonance for universal communication. Today, these architectural marvels continue to inspire awe and fascination, drawing pilgrims and seekers from around the globe in search of enlightenment and connection.

As conduits of cosmic energies, the pyramids promote healing, balance, and spiritual awakening, offering profound benefits to both the planet and humanity in their quest for higher consciousness and harmony with the universe.

About the Curanderos Lineage

The Curanderos from Mexico - Pyramid

The Curanderos lineage traces its roots back to the Mayans, where masters and healers have faithfully preserved spiritual knowledge and sacred healing practices over generations. The initiations from the Curanderos lineage are powerful, connected to higher power and tapping into the most creative source of high spheres. Each aspect of the teachings, classes, and practices within the Curanderos lineage is meant to empower self-growth and divine abilities. This rich heritage, passed down until today by certified teachers, is given to those dedicated to serving others and the planet, offering them the path to becoming Master-Healers.

About the Divine Intervention Retreat

Healing at the Divine Intervention Retreat

The Divine Intervention Retreat is a sacred initiation into Master-Healing. In this 21-day all-inclusive spiritual journey, you gain advanced skills and abilities to become an expert healer who provides the precise treatment that a person needs. This retreat provides you with the most suitable conditions to pass through your own personal issues, limitations, and fears, leading to a breakthrough and becoming a powerful, confident healer who knows their divine Self.

You will be initiated into more than 30 healing practices, experiencing them yourself and practicing on others. During this 21-day retreat, you’ll immerse yourself in a very prosperous learning program that is planned and organized to the smallest detail each day. Every moment is utilized for your benefit—transformation, healing, joy, and spiritual growth. This sacred initiation supports you in becoming a master-healer with sharpened skills and developed abilities. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the field, the retreat is adapted for all levels and is loyal to your soul path, personal rhythm, and capacity for learning.

That is why the retreat welcomes between 4 to 8 participants, to maintain the quality of teaching and create a personal, intimate space for each participant.

This retreat is designed for those who are passionate about healing work and want to become top healers in their field. You receive personal support and guidance from Naama Gabbay and her team, and have the opportunity to make a significant leap in your personal and professional path.

The Divine Intervention Retreat takes place in August 2024, at the pastoral and serene retreat center in Sainte-Radegonde, 19510 Meilhards, France. Join this exclusive, unique retreat!

About Naama Gabbay

Naama Gabbay Spiritual Teacher

Naama Gabbay is a spiritual teacher and master healer, leading Divine Intervention retreats, Light Language courses, and events for awakening transformations and personal growth. Through her vast experience and unique capacities, Naama adeptly guides individuals along their transformative journey, connecting them with their inner divine strengths and authenticity. She tunes them to the unique symphony of their soul, empowering them not only to heal but also to manifest their goals and dreams in life.

Naama’s teaching and healing are characterized by a unique style that combines extensive clinical experience, precise discernment, sharp diagnostic ability, and expertise in space-holding, coupled with well-developed intuition. Born in Jerusalem and raised in Israel, Naama Gabbay absorbed a wealth of knowledge and heritage from her homeland, in addition to all the sacred initiations and teachings she received from different teachers and masters around the world. Since 2013, her soul’s journey has led her to France, where she continues to generate healing and courses that support others in developing their divine power and thriving in their path.

Naama is walking the path of healing since 2001, and guiding events, courses and retreats that combine her vast knowledge, experience and graceful approach, for the benefit of those who participate.

Resourcing Yourself in the Sacred Pyramids

The healing resource of the sacred pyramids

Join us in the sacred online event to receive resourceful healing in a journey to the sacred pyramids. Benefit from a download of frequencies to your aura that support your self-growth in the most beneficial way. After the healing journey, you will learn to create your own divine pyramid with specific qualities that support manifestation in your life. You will embed one heart-wish in your own-designed pyramid, which will continuously work in your energetic field until it manifests in your reality. The healing journey and the magical creation will support this shift in your consciousness and, therefore, manifestation in reality. You will experience the power of healing transmitted by Naama Gabbay and receive the precise downloads you need for the evolution of your soul path. This event offers you the joyful experience of divine healing and support.

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The event is taking place on Thursday, March 7th, from 18:00 to 20:00 (CET), participation is free.

Resourcing Yourself in the Sacred Pyramids

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