Case Study with Light Language

She came to see me after years of failure in intimate relationships.

Every relationship with a man has led to disappointment, never really met her needs, and she always had to settle for little. She was there for her mate more than he was for her…

If she dared ask for more, she would be answered with a slammed door, impatience and arguments that could lead eventually to a break-up.

She couldn’t understand why she cannot attract a gentle, generous and warm heart man into her life, and why she always ends up with a bitter taste, mourning her pain and sorrow to her pillow at night…

She always dreamed of a man who would understand her, who would comfort her with gentle words, who would be attentive to her mood and her feelings…

But the gap between what she wanted and what actually existed was very big… She didn’t know how or what to change her reality in order to receive something else in relationships.

So, she came to ask me for help. Frustrated, depressed, and crying.

The first thing she needed was to strengthen her self-confidence. She was unsure of herself, defeated by harsh relationships, where she had no place for emotional expression, and had to decrease her desires, wishes, needs… She felt unworthy of receiving love, even if that’s what she wanted most of all.

To change her state of consciousness, I created a Light Language Grid, that will increase her self-esteem. The first fundamental thing she needed, in order to build a healthy relationship with a man, was self-confidence. to recognize her value, to be aware of her needs and to express them with confidence.

The first Light Language Grid, of Self Confidence worked well with her, and she started to feel more assured about herself, her actions, and her feelings.

The second stage was to go deeper, to the roots of her relationships with men.

Why she is attracting these kinds of relationships to her life? What model of masculine energy she is carrying in her sub-conscious?

I have asked her about her father and their relationships, and the hidden patterns and beliefs were revealed to me. She didn’t experience softness and affection in the relation with her father… He was strict with her, very judgmental of her actions, choices, feelings… She rarely felt accepted by him, and most of the time the sensation of “not enough” accompanied her. When she was with him, she felt she disappoints him, and nothing that she did could touch his heart.

His heart was locked behind so many gates, and she couldn’t experience the feeling of truly being embraced in the loving arms of her father.

So that was the masculine model she grew up with, that’s what she knew, and that’s what she subconsciously attracted… She wanted different relationship but she didn’t know how to get it.

So, the second Light Language Grid, I created for her was to heal the relationship with her father, where the root of the problem was, where the model started…

In her healing process, she needed to change her ideas and beliefs about masculine energy, that she can welcome new interactions with men, that include affection, compassion, gentleness…

The second Light Language Grid, made a fundamental shift in her consciousness, and she began to heal the wounds of her childhood. Feelings of anger and frustration altered for empathy and compassion, and finally she could see also the fragility of her father beyond the closed gates of his heart. She could forgive him for the harshness and the difficulties she suffered.

Healing the wounds of the past and changing the patterns she had with the masculine model, led to a new openness in her Heart.

She could finally connect to men through the heart, and establish relationships that follows the heart…

After this first transformation, she met a man who was available to her, who had the ability to listen to her and pay attention to what she needed.

She could meet such a man because SHE was more attentive to herself, to her needs, to her feelings… She could connect now to her heart after treating her wounds and pain, removing barriers and limits.

She had more space for herself, so she attracted a man that gave her space in their relationship.

The Light Language Grids, are a powerful healing to each person. It resolves blockages and barriers in the sub-consciousness, bring to light hidden patterns, beliefs, thought-forms, and transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Light Language Grids

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