Case studies


  • A series of 12 shamanic sessions
  • A woman, age 34, single
  • Asked for shamanic sessions because she feels a great emptiness, lack of energy, sadness, exhaustion, and crying a lot.

She doesn’t feel happy and comfortable with her life, her relationship with her partner is complicated, she wants to change her job but does not know what new direction to take.

She met her partner a year ago, they moved in together, it was a new start in her life, where she thought to have found happiness. But in reality, the relationship was not going in the right direction and she lost her peace and balance. it seems they are coming to the end of their relationship… her partner doesn’t want to continue anymore. She feels lost, dependent on him.

Their relationship ranged from an overwhelming attraction for each other, to fighting, arguing and screaming. She feels that her partner is rigid with her, rigorous, and blames her in their disputes. He lowers her self-confidence, when all she wants from him is love, hugs, and tenderness. She wants to feel beautiful and attractive for him, but she constantly has to prove herself. In this point, her self-confidence is so low that every hurtful word of his makes her cry and feel worthless.

Physically she experiences multiple nausea, a desire to vomit, not feeling well in her own body, tired and exhausted, poor memory and low concentration. Every question I asked brought tears to her eyes, in a very depressed mood.

In the first shamanic session: she cried a lot during the healing, breathing fast from pressure, and I felt that she is holding fire inside, a volcano lava that seeks to break out… I started to set free the lava and fire that were accumulated so long inside, and had to be released.

The release was accompanied by an erupting burst of crying… After cleansing and releasing, she started to calm down, her breathing got steady, and we were able to move on to the next stage: clearing and balancing the heart chakra.

I went through the different layers of the heart chakra: past events, previous relationships, relations with her parents, and started cleaning… With each cleansing I refilled the heart chakra with frequencies that helped her feel well, vital and balanced. Her body relaxed more and more, her breathing became deeper and peaceful. When she is in alpha waves, and the burden from her emotional field has decreased, we were able to move on to the next stage in therapy: balancing her elements.

I worked on elements that needed regulation and redirection, to reconnect her back to the body, her inner feelings and desires. At the end of the first session, she felt lighter and so much relaxed, great fatigue but a good one, as if a heavy load, that had been pressing on her for a long time, was removed from her…

Then an honest question flashed out of her: “What am I doing in this world? What am I here for?” It was an awakening she experienced in the first session, the first spark that began a deep inner journey to discover the divine truth within her.

Throughout the following sessions we observed the relationships between her and: her father, her mother, and previous partners. We have discovered patterns that cause her to repeatedly choose the same “relationship model”. We traced beliefs that make her feel worthless, and as a result attract male characters (partners) that make her feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and unworthy. She realized that in all the relationships she had until now she created an emotional dependence until she lost herself, her desires, her direction. She got into a point where she did not know what she wanted, and moved according to her partner’s choices and decisions. She was in a place of immense emotional dependence on every word and deed of her partner, until she could not notice her own virtues, talents and beauty.

During the sessions she went through a separation process from her partner, which was difficult, painful and full of anger, but in the same breath it helped her to release so many inhibitions, barriers and fears, and she discovered step by step her true strengths…

Throughout the series of sessions, the emphasis was to develop a sense of emotional and mental independence, while cultivating self-worth. We worked with the ‘inner child’, healed wounds from the past, released toxins of criticism and judgment that were soaked in her bones, we worked with the main chakras in depth, in extensive and in all directions…

We brought to light the deepest fears, looked the monster in the eye and saw that it was just a big shadow that made it so scary…
We strengthened her confidence in intuition and feelings, and brought her heart to peace and joy so she could finally see herself through her inner eyes, and discover who she is. At the end of the shamanic sessions, she has reached a state where she stands on her own, trusts her inner feelings, and is no longer subject to emotional manipulative influences.

The tension, pressure, fatigue and paleness reflected from her face and body were released and faded away… her face radiated calmness, playfulness and relief. I saw before me a beautiful, delicate, sensitive and strong woman, who trusts herself and is ready to go out into the unknown and start a new path…


  • A series of 4 sessions
  • A man, married + children, in his 40s
  • Asked shamanic sessions because he feels lost, confused, has fears and wounds from childhood, feels he needs help…

He wants to move forward with confidence, in one direction with his family. He has a lot of fears, that must be dispelled…

He had a rough childhood with a violent father, he suffered a lot from him. His father was harsh towards him, lowered him and always treated him with the strength of his arm. He did not receive any softness, tenderness, a loving hug from him… In his adult years, he kept away from him, and only recently renewed the contact, but distance and difficulties still exist.

He needs to take care of his inner child, to heal wounds and traumas from childhood, so that he can move on in his life and raise his children happily.

Suffering from dry, itchy, cracked skin on the palms of the hands, and also dry skin in the upper legs, the doctor defined this as a type of skin disease. Any treatment he has done so far has not helped solve the skin problem.

The skin problem started when he worked as a lifeguard, and constantly got into the water. The water aroused the skin irritation. In addition, he suffers from unpleasant back pain; Spinal vertebrae T5, T6. Also has a sore spot in both feet for several years: between toes 3 and 4 under the ball of the feet.

Is constantly in a “standby” state, as if someone is about to attack him, all his senses are alert, in case something dangerous happens.
First shamanic session: I started with cleansing the chakras, focusing on the sacral chakra and the solar plexus. His reaction was immediate: a big burst of ceaseless laughter…

I gave him space to express his emotions. The laughter continued, until he calmed down. He laughed but at the same time he wanted to cry… also an immense abdominal pain was arousing. I continued to work with him, opening hidden places and clearing them of pain, bringing in softness and compassion… I focused on the abdomen and heart, giving soft frequencies of light, and uniting the organs in the same level of vibration, through the nervous system. He felt the treatment in waves: things cleaned up, then relaxation and after a recharge. And once again a wave of cleansing, followed by relaxation and a recharge… and so on…

In the next treatment, he shared that he had a good and calm week, managed to express himself clearly and others understood him. Emotionally – it is easier for him, and also his abdomen feels lighter. The skin in the hands looks much better: less cracks and dryness, and no itching all week, which is a really good change! The pain between the toes in his feet was gone, and he didn’t even think about it until I asked. The back pain is still bothersome.

We started the second treatment, this time there was no reaction of laughter or desire to cry, and he felt more relaxed. I worked on the spine to release memories from the past, things that he “threw” to the back, into the ‘storehouse’ of his Heart, and didn’t dare to open…

The painful vertebrae (6T, 5T) in the upper back, located between the shoulder blades, indicate that there is still a charge in the heart that is related with the past. Back pain is a reminder of things we have ignored, or preferred to forget because of the immense pain that accompanies them, but they still need our attention…

I continued to clean and relief pain and trauma from childhood, allowing wounds to close and skin to heal… I also did an ‘energetic wash’ to the subtle bodies, and by the end he felt a tremendous peace of mind, as if cradled in love over clouds, in God’s arms.

In the third treatment, after the great cleansing of the sadness from his childhood years, the anger began to emerge… big anger with a sense of violence. He expressed himself this week with shouts and punches on the table. He also cried a lot, let the emotions flow out of him… The pain that bothered him in the back disappeared completely. He also had a week full of laughter and fun… The range of emotions is starting to awaken inside him.

In this session he realized that, in fact, he never gave place to his anger. He did not have the opportunity to express his anger about his painful childhood and the tough relations with his father, nor did he know HOW to express this anger…

We worked on his root chakra, including the tailbone and the pelvis, to release over-charge through the legs and feet, and free the rage and anger accumulated in him. Working on the repressed anger created sensations of heat in the pelvis and a sense of “burning fire” in the solar plexus. I kept working until the symptoms disappeared. At the end of the treatment, he felt lighter and free, no longer afraid that the anger would take over and lead him to violent reactions. We released the ‘steam’ that was closed like in a pressure cooker. Now he can feel joy without feeling guilt or shame.

In the fourth treatment, he shared that he experienced the whole range of emotions during the week, and expressed them on the spot, without blocking or keeping them inside. He no longer felt emotional frustration, as he was expressing what he needed in the moment.

The skin in the hands got completely healthy, he no longer suffers from itching or cracks, and the dry skin on the upper legs is gone. No more back pain, and the feet feel free and fresh. Sleep well at night, and wake up with vital energy in the morning.

In this session, we’ve worked on strengthening self-worth and opening the reception channel; allowing himself to accept love, hugs, compliments, gifts, without pushing it away from him. It’s hard for him to accept gifts or compliments, it annoys him, because it seems to be fake, and he also doesn’t believe that he deserves to receive…

I worked mostly with the Heart chakra and the Superior Heart chakra, clearing up deceptive beliefs of “I don’t deserve”, reopening the channel of acceptance and giving, and reconnecting the masculine energy to abundance flow.

At the end, he felt great comfort in his body, warmth in his heart, and greater confidence in his masculinity and Self. He felt he could continue the path with his wife and children, thanks to a deeper acquaintance with his feelings. “External events” no longer threaten his feelings, and he can express them without fear. He feels much more strengthened to continue his path, and with greater clarity about his inner Self.


  • A series of 4 sessions
  • A woman, age 57, mother of two grown children, in a second relationship for several years.
  • Came to shamanic sessions because of great sadness, frustration and anger. Feeling out of her place and not aligned with her soul. There is a feeling of blockage in the solar plexus.

It’s a new start in her life, she moved-in with her partner, sharing one house, after years of living separately, each one in his own place. That is a big change for both of them.

Her partner was pressing a lot to move in together, so they could share a full life together. After wavering whether to take the step, finally she decided yes, to give the relationship a good chance to take root and grow.

After moving together, she felt that their relationship is changing, and that was not at all what she expected or anticipated… This is the first time they live together regularly, and things seem to appear differently in this new reality. From a place of feeling as an independent woman making decisions on her own, to a place where decisions are shared, and sometimes she felt like a little girl beside him, as he was trying to approve her daily decisions. It took the air off her wings, and she lost her sense of femininity. In addition, she felt that they were not coordinated at the daily pace: he demands to meet a certain timetable, and she is a free bird who likes to do things as she pleases. She left her former job because of the moving, and has yet to find a new job, which dulled her sense of self and independence, and also lowered her self-confidence as a woman.

She is angry at herself for making this step and losing her job and the closeness to her friends and family. She feels trapped in this situation: already closed the previous chapter, but the new one doesn’t seem very promising…

Experiencing insomnia at night, fatigue and exhaustion, having disturbing thoughts, lack of desire to create, sense of being imprisoned in a reality she doesn’t want, and seeing no way out.

During the sessions she could see some parallel models between her partner and her father: trying to control her life, difficulty to accept some of her choices, lack of flexibility, and judgment. She feels he is not really listening to her and doesn’t understand her real needs.

In the first shamanic treatment I was cleaning and strengthening her root chakra, freeing attachments from the past and giving herself a chance to re-root…

We also worked on emotional and mental clarity, clearing her heart from excess charge of various relationships in her life, and accepting her choices with inner peace.

During the treatment, she felt pain on the right side of the body: right arm and right pelvis, and also pain on both sides of the neck. The right side represents the relationship with the masculine energy. At the end of the treatment, the pain was released and she felt more relaxed and at ease. It seems that the conflict with the masculine energy in her life is beginning to dissolve slowly.

In the second shamanic treatment I continued to work on her emotional balance: releasing negative emotions that have accumulated, and moving into supportive emotions. I worked on creating clarity in her inner vision: the ability to discern and to see the big picture, which includes the family patterns she inherited from her father and mother. I stimulated streams of responsibility, independence and creativity. At the end of the treatment, she felt calm, her breathing was relaxed, the heaviness she felt in her chest disappeared, tears of water came down from her left eye (emotional cleansing), the pain and tension she felt in the back of her neck – disappeared.

To the third treatment she came with new and clear insights about the relationship with her partner, feeling much lighter, but still having the sensation of not being completely aligned with her path. She is having difficulty in breathing: mainly to let air in, and sometimes to release air out. She cries a lot, out of frustration, because she feels that her feelings are not being answered on the other side.

I shed light on the emotional patterns that govern them in the relationship, and proposed to create a welcoming space for their feelings, without giving each other comments and advice.

In this therapy I worked with her on expanding the Heart chakra and opening the tunnel of acceptance, connecting head to heart to create a harmonious collaboration between reason, logic and feelings. I also worked on strengthening her sense of center, trust, patience, and clarity. During the treatment she coughed a lot, I encouraged her to let things out … At the end of the session, she felt her tempest calmed down, her breathing was lighter and more open, her head was clear. She was grateful and very much moved.

In the fourth session, she said she feels much better, her relationship with her partner improved: They have good communication, honest conversations, and they feel in love again… The pressure in her chest is gone, her breathing is lighter, and she feels much calmer… She sees things in a different perspective, and finds new ways of doing and creating. Feels she is starting to find her place in her new home, and things are flowing in harmony.

In this session I worked with her on connecting to the divine love, to the omnipotent potential that exists within her, and to the flow of abundance. I kept cleaning up family patterns from the heart Chakra, and strengthening emotional maturity, so that she could develop deep intimacy with herself and her partner.

At the end of the treatment series, she felt that her heart had been reopened for love, that she was accepting her new path and in greater coordination with her soul. The great obstacles that had previously blocked her path, seemed now like little stones she could run on without fear. She looked radiant and smiling, and with a great sense of relief.